Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Testing Area, Find Lucas Password, Barn Fight, Party Solution

The following Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough is divided into two sections. The article will discuss exploration of the testing area, finding the Locus Password, taking on the molded in the barn, and getting the party solution.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Testing Area

The only way to access the testing area is by getting the key cards from the Kid’s Room and the Master Bedroom. Once you have both red and blue cards, it is time to access the testing area.

Enter the testing area and use the stairs to go; there are is TV in this area that you need to investigate. A cutscene will trigger as soon you investigate the TV. Once the cutscene is over, head to the corridor to find a herb and then leave through the door.

You will enter an area that contains two trip mines so be careful. There are wires running between the shelf and the wall that indicate tha tripwires. Shoot the bombs from a distance and they will explode. You can find ammo for shotgun and handgun in this area.

There next room has the same kind of setup of tripwires. Walk on the opposite side from where you entered and turn around. You will see a bomb by the door. There is also one underneath the desk.

In the north west room, there is crate you can open via a knife for some ammo. There is another crate on the stairs that will explode if you try to open it, so it is best you leave it be.

Testing Area 1F and Lucas Password

There are two bombs here, one at the bottom of the stairs while the other one is at the next doorway which is visible from outside. Shoot inside the doorway to disarm the bomb, crouch and enter the room and look at the top right of the doorway from another bomb.

There is item box with healing items to the left and a locked door to the right. Approach the room and Lucas will offer you three different passcodes. You enter any of them but run back as soon as you do to avoid being killed. Come back and enter another passcode (from the three) and the a door to the south will unlock.

The door on the corner has some ammo but there is a crate near the locker that will explode. Meanwhile, there is another crate in the corridor around the corner that is safe.

You will reach a room with a brown door, you will be able to see explosives inside once you open the door. Do not go in just yet, stand back and shoot the one at the bottom of the door. There is another bomb on the ceiling,  two more at the opposite end of the locker.

You can grab some steroids at the base of the locker that can boost your  There is also an antique coin in the drawer. Do not touch the crate in the locker.

Molded Barn Fight

From the room we discussed above, go south to the barn. There are three molded here before you reach the main Fat Molded. The first one is to the right in the shadows. Head back previous corridor so you can take them on one by one. This will make the battle easier for you.

The barn has come consumables as well as gunpowder, MAG ammon in the corner, and a VHS player which acts as a save point.

Now,  head east across the 2F, explore the area for consumables.

Head north to find a console that is missing its battery, which can be found up the steps. Grab the battery and insert it into the console to activate it. Putting in the battery will also trigger a fight with the Fat Molded, a much scarier version of the molded.

Use the pile of hay to keep distance between you to while using the grenade launcher or your shotgun to attack its head. Keep shooting its head and it will explode. However, stay away from the body as it will too eventually explode.

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