Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Mia VHS Tape, How To Avoid Marguerite

Mia VHS tape is one of the many tapes that can be found in Resident Evil 7 that take players to the flashbacks of the previous events and teasing of what is about to come.

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will take you through the Mia VHS Tape found in the recreation room and guide you on how to avoid Marguerite.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough Mia VHS Tape

The Main objective while playing the Mia VHS tape is to avoid Marguerite otherwise its game over. Let’s Begin!

When you enter the house ahead, make your way to the left and enter the door to the north. Now go through the room towards the only other door on the eastern side. At the corner turn slowly as Marguerite will come through the door ahead.

Just go back around the corner and crouch behind the box until Marguerite passes through the door on the right. Don’t even think about following her but go to the door where she came from.

You will find a shadow puzzle, just run past it to the walkway that’s outside and hide into the right corner as far as you can. Mia will say don’t come here after Marguerite’s speech and if she is hiding well then Marguerite will not find you.

Wait until Marguerite has finished talking and the coast is clear, now go inside and interact with the metal object on the plinth. Rotate it until the shadow resembles the spider on the wall. Once it matches the wall will open up. Slide between the walls to the next area with the flooded section in the middle.

Marguerite will pop up ahead of you when you walk forward when she does just hide behind the debris ahead of you. Marguerite will walk slowly around the debris in a circle, you will have a chance to break away once she walks in the directions from where you emerged.

Use this opportunity to head to the far corner and down the basement. Head to the end and after few moments the tape will end.

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