Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Guest House, VHS Tape, Bolt Cutters Location, The Attic, Mia Boss Fight

Resident Evil 7 Guest House walkthrough will help you explore it and locate the VHS tape, bolt cutter and how to win the initial fight with MIA.

Resident Evil 7 starts by Ethan driving a car down the long barren roads of the Louisiana bayous until his car can go no further. Exit the car and you will see a glimpse of a large estate shrouded with trees.

Resident Evil 7 Guest House Walkthrough

Explore Guest House
One you are out of the car, follow the linear path and you will approach a gate. The gate will be locked, so you will have to go left from here and follow the patch to the parked van. Interact with the van and take a look at the leaflet on the backside of the car.

After this, you will see a broken gate just follow the linear path past that gate until you reach a blockade of animal legs. Crouch through their and continue on and drop down from there, ahead you will find a bag in the ashes, investigate it and you will find a driver’s license and add it to your inventory.

Now enter the house through the door to your left. Once inside, open the door and walk to the end of the corridor to the kitchen. Things will look very familiar if you have played the Resident Evil 7 demo.

Walk through the other side and take the stairs up where you will find the Derelict House Footage VHS tape and you can also save the game at the table on the right.

Head back downstairs and go to the end of the corridor, from there take the door on the right. Inside the room, there are photographs for you to investigate and when ready use the VHS player in the corner to play the Derelict House Footage.

Derelict House Footage
Once you play the VHS tape you will be transported into the video tape playing a flashback as someone named Clancy, just like in the demo. All you have to do is follow the two men and watch how the scene plays out.

Find the Bolt Cutters
After playing the VHS tape you need to activate the same switch in the fireplace and make your way to the basement through the secret door. From here the path is pretty mush linear, go through the submerged corridor into the basement. Walk around the cages until there is a table on your left and a gated cell ahead.

You will find the bolt cutter on the table, use it to open the gate to enter. There a scene with Mia will play out, once that is done follow her to the basement. As you go through the door console her as she sits down.

Go to the other room and investigate the doll on the floor and you will hear some disturbance behind you. A path has been opened in the previous room which will take you upstairs.

Make your way upstairs, go past the phone on the table and investigate the drawer of the table and collect the “Guest House Map”.

Now go through the left door that will take you to the bathroom and collect First Aid Meds from there. You will find one on the side and other in the drawer. Go back to the corridor and attempt to unlock the door at the end and go to the basement.

There a cutscene will play out, once that is done just hammer the right trigger in this initial fight with Mia and you will win. Once she down investigates her body and another cutscene will play out where you will equip an axe just keep hammering the tight trigger and she will go down.

The phone in the corridor will ring and a voice will tell you to go to the attic. Continue down the corridor and take the room to the right where you had the fight and you will find the corpse has disappeared, just collect the axe.

The door at the end of the corridor will unlock, take the door and you will find yourself back outside the Living Room where you played the VHS tape.

How To Reach The Attic
To be able to get to the attic you will have to activate the fuse box in the living room. To get the fuse, make your way to the kitchen and once you reach the door at the other side of the kitchen there will be a chained closet. Use the bolt cutters and open it to find the fuse.

GO back to the living room and use the fuse to activate the fuse box. Leave the room and go towards the stairs, after the cutscene collect the hand on the floor and proceed upwards. Press the button that is just ahead of you.

Go into the attic and take the door on the right and collect the ‘M19 Handgun’ and ammo from the desk along with a Med Kit. Leave the room and go right and enter the door at the end to enter the attic.

You will find some more ammo in the left corner and more through the door on the right and start climbing the ladder in the Attic.

Mia Boss Fight
Once you start climbing the ladder Mia will chainsaw through the door above. Immediately back off and retreat to the middle of the room and start shooting at her with the gun.

To slow her down try to use the wooden beams between you and her whenever you can, however, she can saw them down. Start shooting at her again and after 10-15 shots she should go down.

After the boss fight is done go back the way you came is and a cutscene will play that will take you to the main house where the rest of the game take place.

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