Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – How to Light the Cake in Birthday Tape, Clean the Telescope

The following Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough is divided into two sections. The article will explain how you can clean the dirty telescope, and light the cake in the Happy Birthday Tape.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

How to Clean the Telescope

In one of our previous guides we have already discussed how you can get the Birthday Cake Tape. Once you have access to the tape, you would need to clean a telescope within the tape.

When you enter the tape, grab a candle from the clown model and walk into the next room. Go to the cake with the candle but you will showered with water. Putting the candle on the cake proves to be difficult due to the water.

Go back to where you started, there is a toilet on the side. Flush it to get the telescope from basin. Go back to the room with the showers and stand in the water to clean the telescope. Use the this scope to view the tv in the central room. Note down the symbols on the screen and come back to input the symbols in the lock.

You will get the Straw Doll that can be used to the hob in the kitchen to get the Dummy Finger.  Turn on the hub in the kitchen and use the candle to light it. Use it on the doorway in the north to burn the rope.

Go to the room with the balloons to get a deflated balloon. Come back to the central room to the broken gas pipe which will give you the Quill Pen.

Go back to the cake room and investigate the keg to the a Winding Key.

How to Light the Cake

You now have all the items needed to interact with the clown doll. Use all the items you gathered on the clown and it will grab you and write the word loser on your arm. Go back to the balloon room and enter Loser in the lock. Grab the Valve Handle and take it to the valve next to the cake. Use the valve to stop the shower and light the cake with the candle.

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