Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Fix the Ship Elevator, Captain’s Cabin Locker Key

The following Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough is divided into different sections. The article will discuss fixing the ship elevator, how to find the Captain’s Cabin Locker Key and solution to the Lounge Puzzle.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Explore the Bridge

Once on the 4F, investigate the computers and use the cameras to know that Ethan is on S2.  Go to the locker on the northwest bridge to get some items before heading Captain’s Cabin in the south east. Grab the Ship Map and the Lug Wrench from the table.

Head to the south end of the map where you can find an elevator.  Pry open its doors and use the Lug Wrench on its hatch.  Drop down into the elevator, read the mechanics memo to see two items are missing that should make the elevator work.

Captain’s Cabin Locker Key

Climb out of the elevator on the wreck ship F2 and head west. Head to the corridor on the east and grab the knife near the lift. Now you need to open southern locked with using the Corrisive. Once inside, ge the key from the table, remote bombs and more.

Go back to the elevator, go up the ladder and drop into the bridge.  Spring past all enemies and reach the Captain’s Cabin, open the lockers and grab all the items inside.

Solving the Lounge Puzzle

Drop to the lift shaft and again into the lift proper. Reach the Wrecked Ship 2F and move clockwise to get to the Dining Room. The door that was inaccessible in the old videotape is now open so access it to reach the lounge.  Here, you will reach the painting puzzle. You need to rotate the left painting to bring the pink to the upper left side.

The middle painting needs to show the green area at the top and bring the road to the bottom in the final painting.  A box on the wall will unlock, giving you Corrosives.

Finding the Power Cable and Fuse

Wrecked Ship 3F is where you need to be now. Go to the elevator and climb up a level and jump outside. Move to the east to reach the central room. Kill the enemy is this room and grab all the consumables.

You need to use a Corrosive on the door to progress.  Door on the left won’t open so go around the corridor to reach the Shower room.  Now head to the sick bay, when you reach the end of the room a Fat Molded will spawn outside the room and enter. Set up explosives before you enter the room and detonate when the molded spawns.

This will knock him down, allowing you to run to the shower room where you will have more room to face him. When he is dead, head back to the sick bay and investigate the machine at the end of the room to get the power cable.

Now you need to get the fuse for the elevator.

Head to Wrecked Ship F1, take the stairs and go two floors down. You will find yourself in the northwest corner, the fuse you need is the same one you placed on the northwest door.

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