Capcom Expects Resident Evil 7 To Ship 10 Million Units In Its Lifetime

Resident Evil 7 brought the franchise back to its horror survival roots. While the game failed to meet the sales expectations of 4 million units shipped by the end of March 31, 2017, but, Capcom is still optimistic that Resident Evil 7 can ship 10 million units in its lifetime.

The English translation for the Cpacom’s Q&A session has just been published. According to Capcom, Resident Evil 7 shipped 3.5 million units and noted that this along with Monster Hunter Double Cross have seen a solid start. Capcom noted that Resident Evil 7 did not meet the sales expectations but it is not something that would cause panic as “lifecycle for games is growing longer”.

Resident Evil 7 launched with favorable reviews and Capcom intends to support the game with DLCs. Not A Hero is the next DLC for the game which was scheduled to launch in Spring 2017, however, the DLC has been delayed as the studio will not be able to deliver it on time. Producer Masachika Kawata and Director Koshi Nakanishi, took to YouTube to deliver the unfortunate video message.

The upcoming DLC for the game will feature Chris Redfield as the playable character. According to Capcom, Not A Hero will follow a short story scenario of Chris Redfield with a different take on Ethan’s nightmare from the main story. Capcom also teased that what Chris Redfield is chasing in this DLC? you will have to play to find out.

Resident Evil 7 is a first-person horror survival game developed by Capcom for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game also supports VR but it is exclusive to PSVR, however, Capcom has confirmed that it will only be timed exclusive for one year.

Source: Capcom

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