Resident Evil 7 Mutated Marguerite Walkthrough – How To Kill, Get the Lantern

In order to face the Mutated Margurite, you need to be well equipped as this is one of the game’s toughest boss battles and you also require the Margurite’s Lantern. So this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you through Mutated Margurite boss fight and how to get the Lantern.

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Resident Evil 7 Mutated Marguerite Guide

Preparation Before The Boss Fight

Following Margurite, you will find yourself outside the Greenhouse. Firstly, go south and unlock the gate to get to the trailer in the Yard and pack yourself with consumables and restock your weapons especially the Burner and the shotgun.

By now you have picked up quite a few Antique Coins so it is high time for you to make some purchases. If you are yet to gather these coins, it is best that you check out our guide for Antique Coins locations.

It is time to move to the 2F of the Old House via the main steps, go left and grab a Treasure Photo. The other side is locked.

Mutated Margurite

There is a hole the floor when you enter the house but you do not need to drop down just yet.  To your right, there a few consumables that you need to gather before you take on Mutated Margurite. Explore the are so find any and all consumables you can find, keeping in mind that the entire Greenhouse area is where the boss fight take place, so exploring for now is safe.

Climb the stairs and Mutated Margurite will jump on you, aim for her head and she will jump off.

Facing her is not easy as she will move around the entire Greenhouse. The best way to deal damage is to shooter her in the st0mach which is her weak point. Burner damage or Shotgun / Enhanced Handgun Ammo rounds will make her regret the moment she choose to attack you.

She will retreat like a spider, climbing up walls and on the ceiling.  Make sure that you stay away while she is doing this, she can leap toward you and attack. However, unless she is facing the other way which will expose her stomach.

She will disappear during the boss fight and whenever she does, you can follow a weird noise to find here laying an insect nest. You can usually find her in the open area to the east on check both floors of the house.

Shoot her as she is laying the nest if you don’t, she will summon a swarm of insect to her aid. If you fail to find her in time and she is able to call the swarm, it is best to use the Burner to move through the swarm and destroy the nest while dealing damage to her.

This all you need to do, shoot her, follow and find, and deal more damage. Make sure you are properly healed before you go after her.

If you have any questions regarding the Resident Evil 7 Mutated Marguerite boss fight, take to the comments below.

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