There Will Be Three Resident Evil 7 Difficulty Levels, Including A Classic Version

With Capcom’s newest game Resident Evil 7 slated to come out next week, the company has started to unveil more and more information about it, and in this case they’ve revealed the three different Resident Evil 7 difficulty levels that players will have to contend with in the game, called Casual, Normal, and “Madhouse.”

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The third level, Madhouse, is a nod to the original Resident Evil games, where there were no checkpoints at all and where you started depended on where you’d last saved, so players had to remember to always save whenever they entered a room with a typewriter, lest they die and have to go all the way back from their last save, which might have been ten minutes or an hour ago.

In addition to no checkpoints, the Madhouse level will make enemies faster, more dangerous, and will even give them special attacks that they’ll only use in that mode. They’ll also be harder to hide from, and players won’t regenerate health when hit, forcing you to think quickly and also be much more careful.

The other two Resident Evil 7 difficulty levels, Casual and Normal, are much less difficult, giving you checkpoints, health items, regenerating health, and the ability to save anywhere you want, unlike the Madhouse difficulty. So, if you aren’t familiar with Resident Evil games, or want a horror game where you won’t be losing a ton of progress if you make even one mistake.

Being able to save wherever would also be good for players that might want to quit the game from a massive scare, whether it’s from one of the game’s monsters or from the psychotic hillbilly Baker family that will also serve as a threat in the game.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be coming out in North America on January 24, and worldwide on January 27, so research up and decide now which of the three Resident Evil 7 difficulty levels you’ll be playing on!