Resident Evil 6 Skill Points Farming Guide

Collecting skill points in Resident Evil 6 can be quite beneficial and make things easier for the players.

Skill points are quintessential part of Resident Evil 6. These points are earned by killing enemies, fulfilling challenges and locating secret pick-ups in the campaigns of all four characters. Keep in mind that you will need a lot skill points to unlock various new skills and their upgrades.

There are two exploits you can use to farm skill points more efficiently and easily. Let’s start with the first method:

Method #1 (Solo)
Following the instructions in this method, you can easily collect 5000 skill points per each try. This method takes only five to seven minutes to complete. Here are the instructions on how you do it:

Load Leon’s campaign chapter number 4. Equip your character with the magnum handgun and some ammo. You will require only these two things on this particular run.

Deal with your first enemy and then watch the cut scene. After that go to the back of the ship where you will find a 500 skill points pick-up.

Collect the skill points and following that exit through the doorway, use the valve, open, and pull the hatch then blast through the left enemies.


Make your way through the waves of enemies until you reach the saved checkpoint. Once there quit and you can repeat by reloading the whole process as many times you like by simply reloading the chapter.

Method #2 (Co-Op)
By this method, you can make 18000 skill points on each try. This method will take you 8-10 minutes to complete. However, remember that this method requires you to be online and playing with a friend.

Start by loading up Chris’s campaign chapter number 3. Specifically, this method works when Ada Wong locks you up in a room, and you are made to deal with the Neo-Umbrella robots in order to survive.

For this to work you must have your friend reach the checkpoint before hitting the lasers. Wait until they have reached that checkpoint and then join their game.

You can locate the chests after evading the lasers and after taking the elevator to the top. For you to get into the room with the chests in it, you’ll need to get by the lasers quickly to beat the AI to the elevator.

If you choose not to do this just continue into the robotic prototype chamber, you can get the skill points in chests in the following room.

When you get to there, mine room, just do your unusual routine- attack the prototypes while your partner hacks the console to unlock the doors. Remember to open up all three chests in the next room before making your way forth.

After you have collected the treasure ask your friend to quit the game. This would make them restart the game at the previous checkpoint before the lasers and lose their treasure as well.

You, however, will continue to the latest save checkpoint and the subsequent cut scene. After the scene and the save point, quit and rejoin your partner.

After joining your partner in his game you will find that you have kept all your skill points and as your partner didn’t reach the save point they can help you grind as many skill points you want without having to play through the entire chapter again.

You should note that this exploit only helps a single player.

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