Resident Evil 6 Campaign Survival Guide

Any old follower of the Resident Evil series would know that the survival horror franchise has the tendency to be slightly unforgiving in various factors like ammunition, objectives, and even bosses.

It’s thus natural for a hardened apocalypse survivor to anticipate the challenges that await in Resident Evil 6; this time multiplied in proportion to greater degree thanks to the multiple overlapping campaigns that it offers.

For the newcomers though, the game may be a little overwhelming due to the large mix of options, and the heavy constrains that prevent one from freely slaying zombies and derivative abominations that follow.

To get started efficiently, there are a few doable things in RE6 that you might want to consider.

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Ammo is Precious
The persistent scarcity of ammunition is one of the most iconic aspects of the Resident Evil series.

Developers have stated that Resident Evil 6 will be a little lenient in this regard as compared to its predecessors, but you should, nevertheless, expect yourself to frequently face occasions where ammo supply is sparse.

The most important thing to remember about Resident Evil really is that the standard handgun weapon type is your best friend. It won’t be as effective as shotguns, sniper rifles, or the mighty Magnums, but it will be much more efficient.

This is because most of the handguns are accurate, effective, and their ammo drop probability is much greater than any other weapon type.

Thus, use the handgun the most, particularly for standard enemies. If you face some tougher enemies, opt for Shotguns or well-placed shots of sniper rifles.

I do not recommend Assault Rifles against tougher enemies – these should be used against enemies that do a lot of damage but don’t have the ‘flesh’ or armor that makes them extra durable.

Remember to target vital points at all times, and try to use your Knife/Melee weapon for finishing off enemies instead of bullets. These little things will allow you to save up plenty of ammo.

Item Drop Increase
There is a skill called ‘Item Drop Increase’, and in my opinion it should be bought as quickly as possible. This skill will increase the probability of enemies and boxes dropping items.

If not skill points, they’ll surely drop ammunition, health tablets, or grenades, which will make life much easier for you. You can read all about skills, skill points, and what each skill does in our Skills Guide.

Play Slow, Check all Corners
Survival horror games are meant to be played slowly, and Resident Evil is no exception. You might feel that RE6 is slightly faster-paced than its predecessors, but unless you’re absolutely confident and a battle-hardened veteran of the series, you should play slowly.

In fact, most veterans will even play slow. This is because there are plenty of things to look out for in RE games, from normal boxes with items to well-hidden powerful weapons.

In addition to that, it is important to not over-pace yourself because of uncertainty of what can happen next. You might be playing fast and end up surrounded by intimidating mutated zombies in all directions. Step your steps slowly and don’t overuse that sprint button.

Take every skill you can find that will increase the sheer damage you do, whether it’s from weapons or melee. The two important ones are ‘Firepower’ and ‘Combat Gauge’. They both have multiple tiers, so make sure you upgrade to max.

In addition to these, you might want to take stuff like ‘Piercing’. I particularly like Breakout, because personally, QuickTime events just aren’t as exciting as they used to be when they were newly introduced.

However, do NOT take useless skills like Eagle Eye, Zombie/Ja’vo Killer, and Increased ammo type earning skills. All these skills are a complete waste of points.

Eagle Eye is useless because it takes up some added time to zoom in that extra level that it gives you. Plus, there is no practical use of it in the campaign.

Zombie and Ja’vo Killer skills are completely useless, because you could well spend those points in something that would make you effective against generally all types of enemies.

Increase ammo type earning skills are quite useless as well. You could try the ‘Increase Magnum Ammo Drop’ one, but you should only do that if you have an excess of points available.

Be Smart About Your Magnum
The Magnum guns are the most powerful weapon types in the RE series. Because of their extreme power, many people tend to keep them for the most intimidating enemies, or even bosses.

However, some people like to try out the Magnum for fun’s sake, and use it on even those ‘slightly-above-average’ enemies.

Both these kind of people are silly in mean opinion.

The Magnum is a powerful weapon, and should always be used when you are in dire consequences. This means that you have the right to use it even against normal foes, provided you cannot afford to fire away with your Assault Rifle or handgun and need to clear a path for yourself.

Additionally, I recommend using it with ALL bosses and major enemies, because that’s what it’s meant for. Weaken the boss with the Magnum, and then carefully use your other weapons to finish off.

Remember: it’s better to have zero ammo in your Magnum and decent ammo in the rest of your weapons than having full ammo in your Magnum and 0 in the rest of your weapons. Just go by that rule.

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