Resident Evil 4 Viper Locations Guide

Resident Evil 4 fills the hearts of players with excitement and fear with its twisted play-through, monstrous zombies, and deadly reptiles. One of the crawling creatures in Resident Evil 4 is the Viper, an aggressive and fast yellow snake you can find at different Viper locations and sell to the merchant for Pesetas.  

These consumable snakes may look dangerous, but they are useful in the game. Not only do they restore health but they are also essential for the merchant’s “Viper Hunter” Request.

If you have trouble finding Resident Evil 4 Viper locations, don’t worry – our guide is the perfect resource. We will provide all the information you need to locate these useful creatures. Without further ado, let us dive in and start hunting for Vipers!

Resident Evil 4 viper locations

You can find the Vipers in various game locations, often lingering out of plain sight. While they may seem scary being poisonous snakes, don’t worry as these RE4 vipers are pretty easy to kill. All the viper locations in RE4 are listed below:

Viper location #1: Cliffside-Path

Head to the location on the map near the lake, where a long cliff is located.

As soon as you spawn there, you will see a small shack without a door. Walk inside it and break the Viper box placed on the wooden table in Resident Evil 4. Beware as the snake aggressively attacks you. You should take it out with your knife. A villager will attack you in the meantime, who you can easily take care of.


Viper location #2: Town Hall

During the 3rd Chapter of RE4, enter the Town Hall using the Insignia Key. At the town hall, if you look toward the left side, you will encounter a wooden box with the typical yellowish coloring. Break the box to bring the Viper outside, who will come at you furiously after being incited. Take out the reptile with your pistol (or preferably with a knife).

Viper location #3: Fish Farm

It will be accurate to say that Fish Farm in Resident Evil 4 is the colony of Vipers, as this place is filled with hordes of these creatures. Interestingly, you will often see a new Viper spawning from the exact locations where you just killed them.

Moreover, these snakes will be seen lingering around at different places instead of their usual habitat, i.e., wooden boxes.

A few prominent places where you can find and kill Vipers in Resident Evil 4 are:

  • The wooden bridge ramp is at the start of the Fish Farm, and you will see the snake lurking around just after reaching the Fish Farm.
  • Toward the western side of the Farm, precisely near the shack where you find the boat fuel.

A convenient trick that you must know is that you should visit the Farm with a low-health bar. The logic is that the game thinks you are vulnerable and keeps sending Vipers repeatedly. This trick can also help earn money, as these Vipers will get you Ptas by selling them to the merchant.

The “Viper Hunter” request in RE4

One of the merchant’s requests is Viper Hunter, which entails killing three snakes (Vipers) and selling them to the merchant. Now that you know the locations of these Vipers, you can quickly kill three of them and complete this side quest in return for a sweet reward.

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