Resident Evil 4 Verdugo Boss Guide

In Resident Evil 4, Verdugo is the scariest enemy boss, and the remake has made it even more horrifying. Verdugo is the bodyguard of...

In Resident Evil 4, Verdugo is the scariest enemy boss, and the remake has made it even more horrifying. Verdugo is the bodyguard of Ramon Salazar. He has a frightening face, big sharp claws, and a scorpion tail with a tall build. He moves with astounding speed, stalks the players, and assassinates them on the way.

You will fight the Verdugo boss in Chapter 4 of the RE4 Remake. You can find him when you reach the sewers. After getting to the sewers, the boss will not attack you immediately. He will stare at you briefly and attack you after that.

Verdugo’s attacks

Verdugo is a powerful enemy in Resident Evil 4 as it has unpenetrable skin that resists the firearm bullets. Shooting him with bullets does almost no damage to him. The bullets only distract him for a second so you can regain momentum when he has attacked you.

Also, Verdugo uses extreme attacks on the players to deal damage.

  • The first attack of Verdugo is his claw attack, in which he strikes the player with his massive claws. It gives 650 damage to the player. When Verdugo is frozen, he still can land 300 damage using this attack. You can avoid this attack by keeping some distance from him.
  • The favorite attack of Verdugo is its tail attack. He uses it four times in a row, and each time gives 650 damage if it hits you.
  • Verdugo also jumps into the air and strikes you with his claws when landing. He can also catch you in its claws when landing. This attack deals 650 damage. You can avoid this attack by using a melee weapon or interaction key.
  • Verdugo loves to stalk the player, and he uses his tail to surprise attack the player from above or sides. It deals 650 damage when it hits you. You can avoid this attack by maintaining a safe distance.

How to defeat Verdugo in Resident Evil 4

Defeating Verdugo in RE4 requires a lot of focus from the player. Verdugo is not affected by firearms like Magnum or shotguns. So, shooting him will be useless because you will waste your ammo.

To kill Verdugo, you will have to use nitrogen pipes. There are nitrogen pipes along the wall where you fight Verdugo. You can activate nitrogen pipes on Verdugo by using the switch on the side. But remember, each pipe can only be used once while fighting the boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Listen to Verdugo’s footsteps and activate the pipes when you are sure he will approach you now. Stay away from the pipes once you activate them because you are also vulnerable to nitrogen damage. When Verdugo is frozen through the nitrogen, you can use firearms to shoot him. It will deal massive damage to Verdugo in his frozen state.

Another way to defeat Verdugo quickly is to use a rocket launcher. You can one-shot kill him when he is frozen by nitrogen by using a rocket launcher. No matter how you kill Verdugo, you will receive the Wave goodbye, Right Hand! achievement in RE4.

You should note that defeating Verdugo is not mandatory to progress in the game. You can survive his attacks until the elevator shows up in the basement, and use it to leave the place without killing him. But this method will not grant you the “Wave goodbye, Right Hand! Trophy”.

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