Resident Evil 4 Tips to Save Ammo

In Resident Evil 4, you may run out of bullets during boss fights if you do not save your ammo. Overall, saving ammo is essential because...

Resident Evil 4 becomes progressively more challenging as you go through the levels. The enemies become more brutal, and there are more of them. You may run out of bullets during boss fights if you do not save your ammo in Resident Evil 4. Overall, saving ammo is essential because it helps you manage your limited resources, deal with more challenging enemies, conserve money, and pass through the game levels more efficiently.

If saving ammo has become difficult for you in RE4, then you don’t have to worry; we have some tips for you.

How to save ammo in Resident Evil 4

The best methods of saving ammo in RE4 are below.

Take headshots

It is a known fact that a shot on the head always deals higher damage than any other body part. Work on your aim in the game, and take as many headshots as possible whenever you are in a medium-range fight. This will save ammo as enemies will be dead far sooner.

Use leg hits in close-range

If Leon is considerably close to enemies, he does not hold back from kicking them with his legs. These strikes substantially damage and save ammo in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Use the Bolt Thrower

You can purchase the Bolt Thrower in Chapter 2, which can immobilize the enemy it hits. The exciting thing about this weapon is that you can retrieve it after use, making it a reusable weapon and quite helpful when you have less ammo.

As it deals light damage to foes, you should focus on the legs and heads to get high-damage shots.

Deal high damage using knives

Knives can be used as often as possible without worrying about saving ammo in RE4. The only thing you should take care of is the Durability Bar, which indicates the probability that the knife can break if used anymore.

Find a way out of a No-Cause fight

In case you do not have enough ammo to keep up with a fight, or you feel that the fight itself is not worth the time and resources, you always have the option to run away from the spot. This will save both your time and ammo at once.

Loot the ammo from enemies

You should never forget to loot ammo and other resources after defeating a boss or a normal enemy in Resident Evil 4. Additionally, there is a strong probability that you may be able to loot ammo by looking into barrels & cabinets in the empty rooms throughout the gameplay area.

Make efficient use of bombs

While normal gunshots usually hit one enemy at a time, and you are forced to waste a chunk of the ammunition supply to a group of enemies, Bombs can hit and expire several foes simultaneously. This saves a lot of ammo and time as well.

Use stealth when possible

In RE4 Remake, Stealth plays a significant role in taking out single enemies with just one hit. Leon can crouch to sneak around a foe and silently put a knife in its neck, quickly taking him out in the process. This also saves you from directly encountering enemies and eventually losing health and ammo in Resident Evil 4.

Craft ammo through crafting materials

When you feel like you are struggling to gain ammo from other sources or losing a significant amount of it, crafting ammo using different crafting materials can significantly help. These crafting materials can be combined using the crafting system in RE4, and you may have picked them from dead enemies you just defeated.

How to get unlimited ammo in Resident Evil 4

Capcom has provided an interesting and extremely handy trick in the Remake of RE4 that lets you use infinite ammo for different weapons.

For availing of this trick, you must first complete the complete game story with an S+ rank in Professional Mode. You can buy an accessory called the Cat Ears for 3000 CP when you do this. While wearing the Cat Ears, you will get infinite ammo for every weapon (excluding the Rocket Launcher).

Infinite Ammo for Rocket Launcher

You can get infinite ammo for your Rocket Launcher after getting the New Game+. You will need to spend 2 Million Pesetas to buy unlimited ammo from the merchant in Resident Evil 4. The price for this weapon is not that high, considering the area of mass damage it inflicts.

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