Resident Evil 4 A Savage Mutt Request Guide

One of the merchant requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake is "A Savage Mutt," which can be pretty tricky and time-consuming for a player with...

Resident Evil 4 requires you to trade Spinels with the legendary Merchant for exclusive game materials. You can acquire these Spinels by completing the requests made by the Merchant on your visits to him. One of these requests is Resident Evil 4 A Savage Mutt, which can be pretty tricky and time-consuming for a player with no idea of the quest’s content and activities.

That is why we have provided all the related information you will need to get past the tedious request and get the rewards.

How to complete Resident Evil 4 A Savage Mutt request

The location for completing A Savage Mutt side quest in RE4 is the infamous Village Chief’s Manor in the Town Hall. After solving the Church Puzzle and saving Ashley from there, head straight to the Village and meet the Merchant.

A Savage Mutt request location in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Remember that it is not the Extraction Point where you are intended to go, or you will not be able to do the task. After receiving A Savage Mutt request from the Merchant in RE4 Remake, look to your back and head to the door, as shown in the image below.

Savage Mutt Request content Resident Evil 4 Remake.jpg

Now, from the door, you will be shown the quest’s contents (mission and reward). Then, on the map, you will see a monster icon on the place of the Manor.

Attic of the Village Chief’s Manor location in Resident Evil 4

From there, go to the Attic of the Village Chief’s Manor. You will be spawned outside of its door; enter from this door in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Go upstairs after entering the Manor and open the second-floor door. You will see a metal ladder hanging from the roof. Ashley will help you climb the ladder after climbing herself, and you will reach the Attic that you probably have already unlocked.

hanging ladder in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Once you return and exit the house, you will find a Wild Dog spawned in the Village Square, the enemy you must defeat. You should follow it through Village Square until it takes an interest in engaging in a fight with you.

How to defeat the Savage Dog in RE4

The beast you face resembles the other creatures in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The only difference here is that this one is much bigger, stealthier, and deals more damage than others. It will take considerable damage before dying.

Start and keep firing the shotgun attacks at it, and throw a hand grenade at the mutt. After the dog loses most of its health and looks staggered, throw your critical strike with a knife. Having attacked the beast with three to four critical hits, it will finally fall onto the ground for good.

A Savage Mutt quest reward

After successfully beating the Savage Mutt, head back to the Merchant. He will give you Eight (8) Spinels as a reward for completing the request.

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