How To Parry In Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, enemies will charge at you with different weapons; the only way to protect yourself is to know how to Parry ...

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, enemies will attack you once you enter the village. They’ll charge you with different weapons; the only way to protect yourself is to know how to Parry in Resident Evil 4. Once an opponent attacks you, you can parry to leave them stunned and, at the same time, inflict a lethal melee attack to finish them off. Follow this guide to learn how to parry in RE4.

How to parry in Resident Evil 4

The “Parry” action is pretty straightforward in the gameplay. To parry, first of all, equip yourself with a knife. Wait for the enemy to attack you in Resident Evil 4, and right before he does, press L1 to parry. The timing here is everything. If you can parry an attack perfectly, you can kill your enemies without damage, and the recovery period will be relatively shorter. But if not done right, you will get hit by an opponent’s attack.

Performing a perfect parry is quite a daunting task. All of it matters on your attack timing in Resident Evil 4. Therefore it requires a lot of effort to fully master the precision by which you parry an opponent’s attack. You must ensure you do not parry too early or too delayed.

Because if that’s the case, you’re bound to get killed even before facing the final bosses, as mistiming this action may lead you to several attacks and can take 50% of your HP level. Therefore it is highly recommended to practice how you can parry.

You can make yourself comfortable with parrying during the initial Chapters of the RE4. The ideal situation is practicing it before encountering several enemies in the village during RE4 Remake Chapter 1. You can use it once or twice during the initial village faceoff too.

How to perform a perfect parry in RE4

To land a perfect parry, wait until the enemy is right in front of your face, and when he hits you with an attack, you should parry to defend yourself. This will tell you if you’ve done it too early or a bit delayed. With some time, you can assume what will be the perfect time to parry in Resident Evil 4.

However, remember that different enemy mobs have various weapons, and the pattern of their attacks also differs, so you’ll have to be vigilant to land a perfect parry every time.

To conclude, when you feel you have to parry, press the L1 key once a mob comes in front of you with the intent of attacking. Remember one thing; this might take some time to master; therefore, be patient with it. You can also parry the weapons thrown at you or if the attack is made by hands.

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