Resident Evil 4 Nintendo Switch Release Date Set for May

The team behind Resident Evil series has revealed the release date for the Resident Evil 4 Nintendo Switch version alongside a few other old titles of the franchise. Resident Evil 0 and 1 for example which will also see their debuts on the Switch. The announcement was made via twitter:

Although there were three games confirmed, Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Switch intrigues us the most since it’s my favorite out of the three. Anything with the main man Leon is automatically a yes. For a lot of us such as myself that missed out on Resident Evil 2 when it was popular, actually caught onto 4.

RE 4 was the game of our childhoods, an unforgettable experience to with how we venture to an uncivilized land in order to save Ashley, the president’s daughter.

Ah yes, Ashley. It’ll be fun to tune out your annoying nagging and screaming this time around when we play Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Switch.

This is good news for fans of both Resident Evil and the Nintendo Switch. For those who are up to date with the faces behind the companies, this revelation should also soften the blow for Nintendo America fans regarding Reggie’s retirement.

People also now have another opportunity to play as Leon Kennedy after the events of the recently popular Resident Evil 2 remake.

For people that didn’t originally play Resident Evil 2, this is a great way to catch up to date with Leon’s story. Though let’s not forget that besides Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Switch, we’re also getting 0 and 1.

Resident Evil 1 being the classic game that put players in the big combat boots of Chris Redfield. Zero takes us back to the delayed game that was originally set to release before 1. Playing in the shoes of either Rebecca Chambers or her convicted felon friends.

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