Resident Evil 4 Keycard Terminal Puzzles: How To Get Level 3 Keycard

You will need to upgrade your keycard in Resident Evil 4 to rescue Ashley and we can help you solve keycard terminal puzzles.

Resident Evil 4 is full of some really irritating puzzles. From solving patterns to redirecting power to control terminals, these puzzles can hamper the fun experience. One such puzzle, the Resident Evil 4 Keycard Access Terminal puzzle has players running around to different electronic lock terminals in order to upgrade their Lab keycard.

We are here to help you with this three-tier puzzle towards the very end of the game which will earn you a bonus weapon, the LE5 to kill one of the toughest enemies in Resident Evil 4, Regeneradors.

Resident Evil 4 Keycard Access terminal puzzle solutions

During the last section of Resident Evil 4, The Island, you will come across a facility with locked doors that can only be unlocked by bypassing specific electronic terminals. Solving these electronic lock puzzles in RE4 will allow you to upgrade your keycard to level 3 to free Ashley and will net you some very sweet rewards.

Only the first two of these electronic terminals; the dissection room and freezer, involve keycards while the third one is a simple power calibration puzzle. You will run into Regeneradors while solving these keycard puzzles. Don’t attempt to fight them as they can be quite tanky and you will just be wasting your bullets.

Before you can get the level 3 keycard to rescue Ashley, you first need to have a level 1 keycard that can be upgraded to level 3 access. The level 1 keycard is found in the Dissection room area of the lab but to get to it, you need to solve the first keycard access terminal puzzle of RE4.

Dissection Room Electronic Terminal puzzle

The first calibration terminal in RE4 is available on the door of the Dissection room (Northeast/upper right corner of the map). It will also be marked on your map.

Each terminal has two parts. Power junction in layers for current flow and power nodes to activate the mechanism. You can select the layers by moving the analog stick and rotate it by pressing confirm button. The current must be re-routed via layers to power all nodes in a terminal simultaneously.

The first terminal has three layers and two nodes (the number of nodes is also mentioned on the top-right of the puzzle screen).

To solve the dissection room electronic lock puzzle in RE4,

  • Rotate the outermost layer 3 times.
  • Rotate the middle layer twice.

Both nodes will light up and grant you access to the dissection room with level 1 keycard card available there.

The end result of the keycard terminal should look like this

Resident Evil 4 dissection room keycard access terminal

Freezer Electronic Terminal puzzle

The second keycard access terminal is a little West of the first one, inside a room marked “Freezer”. It will also be visible on the map. Don’t upgrade your keycard to level 2 inside the Freezer before bypassing the second terminal or you will have to face another Regenerador.

The second terminal has four layers and five power nodes. To solve it

  • Rotate the outermost and second layers (from the top) twice each.
  • Rotate the third and fourth layers 3 times each

This should result in the calibration terminal looking like this and opening the electronic lock for you

Collect LE5 SMG to fight Regeneradors. Upgrade your keycard to level 2 from the terminal at the back of the Freezer. While the keycard is upgrading, you will be attacked by a Regenerador. Defeat it with the SMG or save your ammo and run around until the keycard is ready.

How to get the Level 3 keycard in RE4?

After upgrading to the level 2 keycard in RE4 remake from the Freezer, go to the Southeast corner of the map and enter a new area (marked on your map). You can access the Incubation Lab from there. This room has four Regeneradors frozen inside glass tanks (they won’t come out unless you break the glass).

The Overwrite terminal is available at the back of the room and you can use it to get the level 3 keycard. Unfortunately, this terminal is locked and can only be opened with a wrench which is hidden inside a Regenerador.

Find the Biosensor Scope from the control room, right next to the keycard terminal and attach it to the LE5. Scan the Regeneradors, and only free the one with the wrench inside. Take out the enemy to grab the wrench, and unlock the last terminal to upgrade your keycard to level 3.

Water Disposal Room electronic lock terminal

The third calibration puzzle terminal in Resident Evil 4 is to the Northwest of the map (marked) inside the Water Disposal room and can be accessed during the 14th chapter.

This electronic lock has four layers and four nodes. To calibrate the electronic lock and reroute power,

  • Rotate the first three layers (from the top) 3 times each.
  • Rotate the fourth (innermost) layer twice to power all the nodes and unlock the gate.

The end result should look like this and will allow you to proceed ahead.

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