Resident Evil 4 Garrador Boss Guide

Garrador is one of the repeating bosses in the Resident Evil 4 remake and has been carried over from the previous version of the game. The first time you encounter a Garrador boss in RE4 is in chapter 7. You will have multiple encounters with Resident Evil 4 Garrador boss, while the strategy to defeat him will stay the same.

How to defeat Garrador in Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, there are three encounters with Garradors, as below:

  • Prison Cell in Salazar’s Castle’s defensive walls.
  • Cage where you get the Hourglass with Gold Décor.
  • Garrador Duo in Salazars Tower.

Before we start the fight, remember that your fight with Garrador in the dungeons area of RE4 is an optional fight. You can simply run away from the fight and progress with the story similarly, but you will miss out on the Red Beryl Treasure you get for defeating Garrador in RE4.

If you decide to fight the boss, Garrador is blind, but his hearing is excellent, so you have to stay as quiet as possible to keep the boss away from you.

Garrador has two giant claws, one on each hand, and every time he hears or gets an idea of your location, Garrador will start wailing his arms around frantically, trying to hit you in Resident Evil 4. Garrador will rush at you and stab you if you are far away.

Use Flash grenades

Garrador, even though blind, can be stunned by a flash grenade, so bring as many of these flash grenades with you as possible to keep Garrador at bay. From the front, Garrador is almost unbeatable. Garrador will be a bullet sponge if you attack him from the front.


Attack the parasite

You can spot a parasite growing out of Garrador’s back. This parasite is Garrador’s weak point, and you should prefer shooting this parasite on Garrador’s back with your most potent attack in Resident Evil 4.

We recommend going in for a knife attack when possible if you have enough durability on your knife. The knife attacks deal higher damage but pose a higher risk.

Stay crouched

When fighting against Garrador, we recommend that you stay crouched at all times to make no noise and stay safe from Garrador. Furthermore, Garrador might randomly swing around, and staying crouched keeps you safe from getting hit in RE4.

During your first encounter with Garrador in RE4, the dungeon where you fight him has a lot of chains hanging around. These chains will create noise if you touch them, so try to avoid all the chains you see in the dungeon.

Run away when spotted

If you get spotted by Garrador, he will rush you. At this point, you should not hide. Run away and get some distance or one of the wooden barriers between yourself and Garrador to stay safe from the deadly claws he is swinging around. You can also use this to your benefit.

If other enemies intrude in the fight, you can force them to make noise and get Garrador to kill them for you in Resident Evil 4.

Lastly, remember that you can parry all of Garrador’s attacks. These parries can be lifesaving, allowing you to set Garrador up for a direct shot to his back parasite.

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