Resident Evil 4 Disgrace Of The Salazar Family Request Guide

In Resident Evil 4 Disgrace of the Salazar Family is one of the merchant's requests that you can complete to earn some rewards...

In Resident Evil 4, Disgrace of the Salazar Family is one of the merchant’s requests that you can complete to earn some rewards. The Disgrace of the Salazar Family side quest will be available after reaching Ch #12 of RE4. To complete the request, you have to disgrace the portrait of Ramon Salazar by throwing eggs at it. Sounds simple enough.

Disgrace of The Salazar Family request location

To access the request, use the underground tunnel to reach the Ballroom. In the Ballroom, you can find a merchant’s hub. When you open it, you will find two request notes to complete in RE4. One will be titled “The Jewel Thief,” and the second will be “Disgrace of The Salazar Family.”

When you get the note for the merchant’s request, you will be given a picture of the request where it has to be completed.

Many players will find the picture confusing as it looks mysterious. But the simple answer is that the location is in the Throne Room of Salazar’s Castle area of RE4. Head into the room to complete the request.

Disgrace of Salazar's Family's request location in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to complete Resident Evil 4 Remake Disgrace of The Salazar Family request

After entering the room with the Throne, you will find the portrait on your backside. You must throw an egg on it to complete the request. To do this, you will first need an egg. You can use an egg previously acquired in the game or sit on the Throne and wait for the nearby chicken to lay an egg.

Aside from that, there is also a puzzle to open the Ornate Box, which contains a golden chicken egg. You can use the cubic device and fit it into the puzzle to open the box and equip the egg in Resident Evil 4. But, the golden egg is pretty expensive, and it is better to trade it with a merchant and use an ordinary egg to complete the request.

 Ornate Box in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Once you have the egg, go near Salazar’s Portrait and equip the egg by going into your inventory. Now all you have to do is throw the egg on the portrait to complete this merchant request. Now you can return to the merchant in Resident Evil 4 to get your reward, four Spinels.

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