Resident Evil 4 All Clockwork Castellan Locations

One of the new collectibles players can find in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Clockwork Castellan. There are 16 Clockwork Castellans in ...

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out and brings new challenges for players. Several unique collectibles have been added to the game since the last time, and one of the new collectibles players can find in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Clockwork Castellan. There are 16 Clockwork Castellans in Resident Evil 4 Remake, one in each chapter, respectively.

Finding all the Clockwork Castellans will unlock the Primal Knife in the game. Primal Knife’s upgrade allows you to make the Knife indestructible in the new remake, where the knives are now destructible. Resident Evil 4 remake has included parrying as a fundamental feature of the game.

You use your Knife for parrying, so your new indestructible Knife will be handy as you play through the Resident Evil 4 remake. Once you get to the general location of the Clockwork Castellan, you can hear a mechanical gear-type sound that indicates you are near the Castellan.

All Clockwork Castellan in Resident Evil 4

Clockwork Castellan – Lakeside Settlement

The first Clockwork Castellan is in the Lakeside Settlement area. Follow along the main path leading into the Lakeside Settlement until you get to the hut where that one villager throws dynamites at you. Heads into this hut, and the Castellan is on one of the rafts in the second room.

Clockwork Castellan – Abandoned Factory

This Clockwork Castellan in RE4 is in the Abandoned Factory area. From the abandoned factory, head north ad unlocks the insignia-bearing door. On your way, you will cross a small shack. The Castellan is on a small hay bale inside the shack right next to the entrance.

Clockwork Castellan – Quarry

This Castellan is near the merchant’s big shop hideout near the Quarry. Drop down from the pier next to the shelter and follow the path on your right.

After the corner, you will find the Clockwork Castellan atop the crate blocking your way. There is a small gap between the crate and the hut’s roof, from where the Castellan can be seen.  

Clockwork Castellan – Lakeside Settlement

This Castellan is also in the Lakeside settlement. You can access the secret Forest Altar in the settlement at this point in the game. Follow the path to the main altar, on which a body is lying, and head behind the altar to the fence. In the center, you can easily see three horizontal beams; to the left is the Castellan in Resident Evil 4.

Clockwork Castellan – Village Chief’s Manor

You can find this Clockwork Castellan in the Village Chief’s Manor. Inside the manor, head inside the master bedroom on the first floor and inspect all the pictures hanging tt the right of the bed. One of the pictures reveals a lever that can be used to unlock the attic entrance. Inside the attic, the Castellan is behind one of the breakable boxes.

Clockwork Castellan – Village

As you run from the village, you will follow a set of wooden platforms. Just as you are about to enter the Checkpoint, you can spot a large fire just right at the entrance of the Checkpoint area.

Look next to this large bonfire. The Clockwork Castellan is on the small red chest next to the bonfire in Resident Evil 4. The Castellan is challenging to spot because of the bright fire behind it, so look keenly.

Clockwork Castellan – Treasury

This Castellan is in the Treasury. After you defeat the blind big claws enemy in the dungeon, you will climb a ladder that leads you into the storage room of the Treasury. Look on the shelves in the Treasury storage to find the Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan – Castle Battlement

You can find this Clockwork Castellan on the wall of the Castle Battlements. From the three towers where the Armored El Gigante starts throwing stones at you, get to the pillar from which you came and climb to the top of the tower. Rotate around the barrier, and you can find the Clockwork Castellan in RE4 Remake.

Clockwork Castellan – Courtyard

This Clockwork Castellan is in the Courtyard. You must find the Castellan in the courtyard maze, where the dogs chase you. Start from the stairs behind you, and take the path to your right. From the end of the path, turn right and then take the first left turn and follow the path back.

From the grill fence, turn right and retake the first left, going behind the wall. Lastly, take a right, and on the crates where you also find the first aid spray, look to the right of the crate, and you will find the Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan – Watery Cave

As soon as you leave the cave, look in the sewer gate directly opposite the merchant. Inside the grate, you can find the head of the Clockwork Castellan peaking in Resident Evil 4.

Clockwork Castellan – Stopover

After the segment where you ride the mining cart with Luis, you stop at Stopover. Before you get into the second cart and continue the part, look on the first floor of this Stopover. You can find the Castellan in the dynamite room here, and the Castellan is sitting on the missing roof.

Clockwork Castellan – Clock Tower

Run around the giant Salazar statue in the Clock Tower, and look at the crate under the stairs.

Clockwork Castellan – Island

After you first arrive on the island after defeating Salazar, follow the main path, and cross through the double doors. From here, turn right to the ground below, where a few soldiers attack you. Kill them, and at the end of the area, look under the red trunk, next to the green forklift, to find and shoot the Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan – Campsite

From the Amber Storeroom, head to the campsite, and take the right path to the cliff overlooking the camp. Head to the small bunker on the overlook, and shoot the Castellan atop the lockers.

Clockwork Castellan – Specimen Storage Room

After you see Mike crash, you can head to the Specimen Storage room; enter the room on the right of the storage entrance. Look on the beams of the room to find the Castellan in RE4.

Clockwork Castellan – Island

The last Castellan is found in the segment where you escape from the destroyed island. After you jump the collapsed bridge, you enter a room where several enemies are dying. You can spot a forklift and a few crates next to it in this room. The Castellan is found on top of these crates in Resident Evil 4.

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