Resident Evil 3 Remake Warehouse Fuse Puzzle Solution

In the underground warehouse of Resident Evil 3 Remake, you have to find some fuses in the dark and install them to activate the elevator. In this guide, we will provide you with the Resident Evil 3 Remake Warehouse Fuse Puzzle Solution.

We will describe in this guide the complete procedure of solving the puzzle and eventually finding the 3 fuses. If you manage to collect all of the 3 fuses within 5 minutes in the warehouse of the underground storage, you unlock an RE3 Remake achievement, Electric Slide.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Warehouse Fuse Puzzle Solution

So go out of the room in which you already are from the bridge when you get the objective to find the fuses, jump to the right. Go ahead and interact with the elevator here. As soon as you interact with it, the fuse box is gonna blow and your five minutes timer will start.

So from here, you have to do everything as fast as possible and hence avoiding much combat will be a plus. So go ahead straight from the elevator location and then turn the lift lever on to call the lift.

Go to your right to the lift then and pull the lever in the lift to go up. As you reach the first floor, the first fuse will be in front of you so interact with it.

Climb down through the ladder to your left then and head right and go through the path. Just where you encounter the zombie wearing while colors, hit it and take an immediate left.

This is a narrow path between two huge steel trays. Go through the path and turn right where you will see the staircase.

Take the staircase to go up and go in there. Take the green door to your left, not the yellow one as it is a shortcut path bath to the safe room.

Go down through the ladder and then go straight. The fuse box is just to your left as you climb down and go a little further ahead. Avoid the big creature as it may waste your time and make a quick run backward.

Climb up the ladder again and still don’t take the yellow door, but go out of the same door you came it. There will be a lift to your left. Call the lift to make your way further and then climb down through a ladder to your left.

Turn right from here and go straight. Your final fuse will be here at the end of this path with the ‘umbrella’ tagged generator or something. But your Electric Slide achievement/trophy is not unlocked until you take the fuses back to the elevator and turn on the power.

Once you have collected all 3 fuses in Resident Evil 3, head back to the same room where I told you about the yellow door as a shortcut to the safe room. So from the safe room, run back to the elevator to insert all three fuses to turn the power back.