Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Locations Guide

Character inventory capacity has been a big problem in the Resident Evil games since the start and with Resident Evil 3 Remake, the issue remains. But we are here to help you out of it with all Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Locations.

Hip pouches are what will increase your character inventory space permanently and you can increase the space for both Jill and Carlos.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Locations

There are a total of six hip pouches around Raccoon City and out of these 6, 2 are for Carlos and 4 are for Jill. One hip pouch found will increase a character’s inventory space by 2 slots.

As the inventory space shortage is always a big pain and you will see that Carlos starts the game with almost no real inventory space at all but worry not, we have all the six locations of hip pouches for both the characters in RE3 Remake

Here we have the locations of all six hip pouches locations detailed:

First Hip Pouch
The first hip pouch in Resident Evil 3 that you can get is in the subway power substation and it can be used by Jill. Keep in mind that you will visit the subway power substation on the mission to restore electricity to the metro station so you can get it then.

You will find the bag in the control room on a small ladder, which will also have a typewriter. Also do remember you will have to complete the jewel puzzle to get this one.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Locations

Second Hip Pouch
The second hip pouch will also be in the subway station but in a different room, so get to the control room which is outside the power station room and you will see a big clock. You will have to solve the wall cock puzzle to get the pouch this time.

Third Hip Pouch
The third RE3 Remake pouch will be in the security room of sewers, and getting it is not easy. First, you need to find a battery and go to sewers and open the locked door by putting the battery in the lock.

Then go straight to another locked door and open it from the northern side, then get back to the first door and get the battery and use it on the locked door of the security room. Get inside and take the pouch.

Fourth Hip Pouch
This one will be underground as well but at a different location. For this one, you will have to go to underground storage. This storage is a bunker that you can only reach when you complete all the scenes from the hospital. You will find this Resident Evil 3 Remake pouch in the safe in the room.

Fifth Hip Pouch
Those four pouches were for Jill and now the remaining two will be used by Carlos. You will find this fifth one in the hospital. The hospital will be the second location that you visit when you take control of Carlos.

This is going to be one chance hit to get the pouch and can be missed, you will find it right at the beginning of the scene when you are defending Jill from the upcoming Zombie horde.

Keep zombies away and keep fighting until you see one room in the lobby opens and a Hunter will come out of it. You will find the pouch in that room and some other supplies as well. Keep in mind to get the pouch before the battle ends or you will miss it.

Sixth Hip Pouch
This last pouch and the second one for Carlos will be found in the police station which is the first location that you will visit after taking control of Carlos.

Go to RPD west office and the pouch will be in the safe but you will have to put in the combination of the safe to open it. The right combo is: Left 9 (stop knob at 9), Right 15 (stop knob at 15), Left 7 (stop knob at 7).

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Locations

So these are all the locations of Hip Pouches in RE3 Remake and when you have found them all you will have the maximum inventory space.