Resident Evil 3 Remake Drugstore Owner Safe Code

In the early hours of Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will come up on a safe above a drugstore. In this guide, we will give you information about this Resident Evil 3 Remake Drugstore Owner Safe Code so you can unlock the safe and acquire what lies within.

The drugstore owner’s body lies next to the safe and has clues to direct you how to open the safe. However, if you are still unsure about the safe code, read on below.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Drugstore Owner Safe Code

An upgrade for Jill’s handgun that can really help you in the game is locked behind the drugstore owners Safe. A safe code is required to unlock the safe which is really easy to find. Simply head inside the Redstone Pharmacy and you’ll find the code on the Aqua Cure poster.

To reach the Aqua Cure poster, you must head west from the subway offices in Resident Evil 3 Remake, onto a street with the Redstone Pharmacy at the end. Once you’re in the store, grab the High-Grade Gunpowder from the shelf left to the counter and come across a poster with Aqua Cure written over it.

At the bottom of the poster, there are numbers given and three of them are circled with red. Note the circled numbers as these are the safe code combinations, and leave the pharmacy.

Cross the street and head up the staircase ahead which will lead you towards a door. Enter the door and reach the safe while killing zombies that come in your way.

Once you’ve reached the safe, use the code 9 Left, 7 Right, 3 Left and you’ll find a Red Dot Sight upgrade for the Handgun inside the safe.

Aiming with the sight in first-person isn’t available for your use in the game therefore, attaching it to the handgun helps you position a red dot at the center of the crosshair. This way you’ll land perfect headshots with ease and your crosshair will also close in faster for follow up shots.

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