New Resident Evil 3 Remake Update Sparks DLC Hopes

Resident Evil 3 Remake was already confirmed by developer-publisher Capcom to not receive any post-release expansion packs. However, a potential update in the making has fans keeping their fingers crossed for new content just the same.

According to recent changes in Steam Database (via Wccftech) from the weekend, Capcom might possibly be working on a new update for Resident Evil 3 Remake which holds significance because the game never received any post-release updates since its release more than a year back.

A number of new QA branches have been added to the game on Steam Database in the past few days which suggest some kind of internal testing being done. The most recent branch-entry furthermore hints “TU1” in its description which may as well be an acronym for Title Update 1.

Capcom actually did release a number of new updates for Resident Evil 3 Remake but they were for Resident Evil: Resistance, the online multiplayer game bundled in the same release package. Capcom kept supporting Resistance for several months after release; balancing gameplay and squashing bugs, making performance improvements, and adding new content ranging from skins to maps to creatures to even Jill Valentine as a new character.

For what it seems, the upcoming update for Resident Evil 3 Remake should introduce quality-of-life improvements and iron out bugs to make gameplay smoother. There however stands a little chance that Capcom will be rewarding players for their patience by adding new single-player content.

Resident Evil 3 Remake follows the same original premise but rearranges many story segments for a better flowing narrative. Capcom also went ahead to add a dodge ability which was missing from the original game but one which was badly needed. The developer furthermore made sure to revamp many animation sequences as well as movement speed to mold the same action-oriented gameplay for modern-day players.

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