Resident Evil 3 Demo Coming To Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC on March 19

April is getting closer by the day, and with April will be coming the Resident Evil 3 Remake game. To get you ready for yet another dose of redone horror, Capcom has announced the Resident Evil 3 demo will be coming to all platforms on March 19, giving players two weeks to try it out.

Along with the demo for the full game, Resident Evil Resistance, a multiplayer game that will be coming with the remake, will be getting an open beta on March 27. That will give any interested players a full week to try out that game.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake demo made waves when it was first released, as it gave players half an hour to explore the Raccoon City Police Station, encountering the zombies and new mechanics that players would be experiencing in the game.

The Resident Evil 3 demo will likely have a similar reaction, though whether we’ll be introduced to the Nemesis or not remains to be seen (but seems likely from the snippet attached to the tweet). We do know that the demo will take you through more of Raccoon City, instead of immediately ushering you inside the police station.

Various sneak-peeks of the game before now have given players more cause to be afraid of Nemesis than they were with Mr. X from Resident Evil 2, since Nemesis is able to pick up different weapons, leap ahead of protagonist Jill Valentine to block her escape route, and even a fake rumor about being able to break into safe rooms.

While the last one was quickly shut down as an ability of Nemesis, he’ll still undoubtedly be far more scary with his revamped appearance and abilities. Even if he doesn’t make an appearance in the Resident Evil 3 demo this Thursday, players will still have to deal with him when Resident Evil 3 Remake comes out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on April 3.