Your First Look at Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 is looking great and despite being a remake, it has every fan of the franchise on the edge of their seats and the credit goes to Capcom who has managed to excite us all more than ever with an in-depth look at each character and the original story.

The latest Resident Evil 2 trailer was just shown at TGS 2018 and it gives us a closer look at Leon, Clair and also on some of the main allies and enemies. Players will encounter their all-time favorite characters including Femme Fatale, Ada Wong, Annette Birkin, and chief officer Brian Irons.

The trailer shows us the new look of Ada Wong and also how Annette Birkin is going to look like in the remake and we are not disappointed at all. A terrifying mutating version of Williams is also seen and some scenes which take you years back when you started playing the original one.

It also includes the incredible scene when Leon is attacked by Cerberus and a lot more. The trailer is just around 2 minutes long and it really excites us more than ever for the game.

Now further on how much good the game really is, Capcom has announced that the visuals of the game have been upgraded and that quality is the one you see in the movies which sounds amazing.

Resident Evil 2 is an all-time most popular game from Capcom and they now have higher expectations than ever regarding the remake of the original so it’s obvious they are doing everything they can to please the fans once again and succeed.

Everything in the game from visuals to the appearances of zombies has been improved and they have used the process of photogrammetry to scan and animate them in the game to make them more realistic than they ever did.

The trailer shows us Claire and Leon being separated, playing their role to survive through the Racoon City while meeting some of their allies and facing some horrifying enemies. And if you are interested to know, you can also check out here to see the real faces behind Claire and Leon to be surprised.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is scheduled to launch on January 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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