Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Not Feature Zapping System, Two Campaigns Instead

Resident Evil 2 remake is now one of the most anticipated games to be released in 2019 and since its announcement at E3, everyone has been discussing the features and improved visuals of the game.

If you have played the original Resident Evil 2 then you’d remember the choice to switch between the two characters which is called the zapping system. This time for the Resident Evil 2 remake it will be different as several changes have been made to the campaign of the game to attract the players of the current generation.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi in an interview with Rely on Horror revealed that they will have two separate story campaigns for Leon and Claire. Fans of the zapping will be definitely disappointed as in the zapping you could play Leon scenario A or B and everything you do in those scenarios will impact Claire’s playthrough and vice versa, which you won’t be able to do anymore.

The campaign is now simple, you can just to play with Claire and Leon. Hirabayashi said that A/B distinction across 4 scenarios made it wider and caused repetition in the game.

We still want to replicate that feeling of seeing two sides to the same story through both character’s perspective in their own way. So for that reason we have a Leon campaign and a Claire campaign, they’re separate and you can choose which one you want to play first. We did simplify it a bit and make it more elegant by eliminating the A/B distinction and sort of meshing together what happens to the character’s A and B scenarios into one story. I think players today, they want these sort of deep/intense experiences with the story, and by stretching it across 4 scenarios the story gets spread a little thin and create a sense of repetition by going through the game multiple times to see everything. So for that reason we went with two campaigns that still show all the events of each character’s story rather than have it all split up.

So, in short, you won’t miss any part of the previous intense story campaign as all the events of each character will be a part of it.

Source: Rely on Horror

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