Resident Evil 2 Remake Inventory Pouch Locations Guide

In Resident Evil 2 Remake, fighting against the horde of the undead is never easy and every bullet counts. It’s needless to mention, you have to rely frequently on consumables for regenerating health and getting out of tough situations when the zombies are swarming you.

For that purpose, it’s best to carry as many materials and provisions as possible. Our Resident Evil 2 Remake Inventory Pouch Locations Guide will help you find all the Pouch Upgrades in the game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Inventory Pouch Locations

Inventory Pouches will grant you extra capacity for carrying weapons, ammunition, consumables and other items that will come in handy for solving puzzles and gaining access to locked areas in the game.

Apart from expanding your inventory space, you’ll also be awarded the ‘A Waist of Space’ Trophy/Achievement for your troubles and effort.

Regardless of who you play as or choose their respective campaigns for Leon or Claire, the following locations for the Inventory Pouches will be the same for both characters.

1. Inventory Pouch
In the West Office on the first floor of the Police Station, input the following numbers into the safe to acquire the pouch:


Left = 9 | Right = 15 | Left = 7

2. Inventory Pouch
In West Storage Room on the third floor of the Police Station, on the table right across from the area with the maiden statute which requires access via a C4 explosion.

3. Inventory Pouch
In the Operators Room, inside the locker near the typewriter in the save room. This area is reached after the first meeting with William Birkin.

4. Inventory Pouch
After acquiring the Diamond Key, obtain the two Spare Keys from two portable safes, one of which is in the Shower Room on the third floor of the Police Station, and the other near the S.T.A.R.S office in the Linen Room.

After collecting the Spare Keys, use them and input code 203 in the locker within the Safety Deposit Room.

5. Inventory Pouch
In the Sewers Workroom, after you ride a lift to it thanks to a T-Bar Handle, the pouch is on a table right across from the door of the room.

6. Inventory Pouch
In the Laboratory’s Nap Room, use the Signal Modulator to open a sleeping pod and find the final pouch inside.

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