Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Walkthrough Guide – All Items and Secrets, 100% Walkthrough

Our Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Walkthrough Guide will help you 100% the one-shot demo and uncovering all secrets and items in the 30-minute demo. The one-shot demo gives us only 30 minutes to complete it and for the ones who manage to finish it in time will be given a reward: a bonus cutscene.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Walkthrough

The demo starts with giving us a little information on Leon S. Kennedy’s situation. It starts with the player standing in the Main Hall with a gun in his hand.

Straight on the front desk, you will find ammo for your gun and a laptop showing you a video of an officer calling you in the East Side and a map showing you the location.

East Side
Go back to your initial position and turn right, there will be a shutter with a sign saying KEEP OUT, and of course, you have to move towards it.

You will find a lever that you will have to pull down. The shutter will open, giving you some space to move towards the east side. As you start walking on your left, you will find two doors on your left corridor: one with a first aid spray and one with ammo.

A little further, in the corridor, there will be a cupboard blocking your way that can be pushed back by the player with a button prompt.

Finding Escape Route and Combat Knife
As you move further, you will start hearing a voice calling for help. Go inside the room and you will find an officer’s notebook alongside his dead body. Pick up the notebook because it has an escape route from the building.

You will come face to face with your first zombie whom you will be able to kill with 2-3 shots in the head. Walking outside the room, back to the Main Hall, you will find two more zombies near the place of the cupboard.

Shooting on them a few times will give you enough to hurry past them. A little ahead, you will see another shutter. Crawl under the shutter into another room.

After another cutscene, you will find Marvin who will provide you with a Combat Knife. It will be useful in killing the zombies but will also help you open the locked doors.

Weapons Locker and Shotgun
In the Main Hall, you will find a console that will be taped up and will be opened by the knife. Pull the lever down and collect herb from the sitting room.

Walk further in the sitting room and ahead, you will find a set of red double doors and no matter how skeptical they look, you have to move inside through them. A little ahead, on the desk, you will find a Weapons Locker Key Card.

There will be some files and a Police Station 1F Map. You can check your exits on it. Moreover, do not forget to collect your ammo.

A little ahead, you will find a small vent you can use to move into a corridor and encounter another zombie. You can easily avoid this one because it will get distracted by something.

Further, in the corridor, you will find three doors: one is locked, one contains a shotgun after you use Weapons Locker Key Card, and the final room contains a file. Head towards the East Side and you will find stairs at the end of a dimly lit corridor.

Heading to Library
In the West Wing on the second floor, you will find zombies, some ammo, and herbs. Collect these and proceed towards 3F from the Main Stairwell. You will find some more ammo and a broken down wall with a Blue Spade Key.

Head left to the door in another corridor and continue round entering a door on your left, West Storage. Here, you will find a file and Hip Pouch that will increase your inventory by two.

Continue west and you will find a door leading you towards the Library.

Final Cutscene
In the Library, you will get a radio call from Marvin asking you to meet him urgently. Walking down the stairs, you will reach a door on your right that will open up using the Blue Spade Key.

In the Main Hall, you have to go to Marvin and with that, your demo will end. Now, you will get to see your bonus cutscene.

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