Resident Evil 2 Remake Boss Battles Guide – How to Defeat G and Mr. X

Just when you think you have finished dealing with the hordes of the undead, you are proved blatantly wrong with the appearance of a tall, menacing beast-like figure that scares the bejeezus out of you. Well, as terrifying as they may be, utilizing some clever strategies and tactics will work the magic, after all, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. Our Bosses Guide will help you defeat all the different bosses in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Boss Battles

At certain points in the game’s main campaign, after completing certain tasks and objectives, you will be treated to an elaborate boss fight with a rather tough foe to go against.

Depending on which character, the final boss you encounter towards the closure of the game will differ. All other Resident Evil 2 Bosses will appear in the exact same order for both of the characters.

Before we proceed, it will help to understand the specifications and different benefits that each weapon and their upgrades can bring into combat and how you can obtain them.

Remember, you will need to make every bullet count heading into these fights that will have you spend a rather high amount of ammunition.

Tyrant AKA Mr. X

The actual boss fight with this particular enemy will not commence until the very end of Leon’s campaign which we will we talk about later in this guide.

Normally, the Tyrant will appear at multiple points throughout the game for both Leon and Claire. His first appearance will be when he first shrugs the helicopter away in the hallway sequence at which point you will be required to make your way to the roof and keep running from the foe dealing damage in the process.

The best weapons to use here include shotgun for Leon or the grenade launcher for Claire since these will stagger Mr. X (bring him to his knee) and buy you enough time to escape him. Remember, you CANNOT defeat him at this point.

Patience is the name of the game. That and a whole lot of running!

If you need some time to sort things out, heal or craft items, you can take temporary refuge in a safe house since the Tyrant will not chase you there. In the unfortunate case that you are cornered, use a Flashbang to disorient the enemy and escape from the tight spot.

There will be other sections where you will face him but the strategy remains the same i.e. let him chase you while you deal some heavy damage that should be enough to bring him down to his knee. At this point, plot your escape.

Super Tyrant

Playing as Leon, you will encounter the superior version of Mr. X: the Super Tyrant that will mark the last boss fight of your campaign our hero. A cutscene, which sees Super Tyrant descending onto the platform, will mark the start of the fight.

First Phase
In the first phase, Leon has to dodge the three successive swipe attacks or a swing of his extended arm.

While you are avoiding this attack, focus fire on his heart that lies at the center of his chest. High-caliber ammunition including Magnum bullets and Revolver rounds will do the most damage.

Thus for this purpose, it’s best to go with weapons like Lightning Hawk Magnum or the Desert Eagle since you’ll be keeping a good distance between yourself and the boss enemy.

Once you have brought his health down to a sufficient amount with this tactic, he will be temporarily stunned. Deal all the damage you can to his heart. Repeat the procedure two times and you will enter the final phase of the boss fight.

Final Phase
In this stage, Super Tyrant acquires a new move that sees him charge up an attack. After he is finished, he dashes in towards your general direction and should you be caught, this results in instant death.

The problem is that this move cannot be dodged in any way. However, this is where you might want to use your brains a little.

You can focus fire on his heart once again during the start-up of his move so it never comes out in the first place.

Alternatively, you can use the falling rocks from the ceiling as cover since when you are directly behind them. The damage from Super Tyrant’s rush attack will be absorbed completely by these small boulders.

As you make it through the phase, Ada Wong comes to the rescue with a quad rocket launcher. Utilize it for one final killing blow and you will achieve victory.

William Birkin AKA G – Stage 1

This will be the first of three times you will be encountering William Birkin, the tougher of the Resident Evil 2 Bosses, all three in different transformed forms.

After you have collected all the three medallions in the Raccoon Police Station, you will gain entrance into the Underground Facility which houses the machinery and engines.

At this stage, G will carry an elongated arm that can perform devastating damage if he swipes or swings it around towards you.

If he has you cornered then prepare for a powerful grab attack, which, if you have got the Combat Knife equipped, will be able to escape from the grasp of G.

After inflicting some decent damage around the head region of Birkin, a giant eye will emerge near the mutated arm that you will need to focus your fire on.

Again, high-caliber rounds are the way to go to equip one of the Magnums or Revolvers. Alternatively, shotgun rounds will also deal decent damage from close range to the eye.

Finishing off the eye marks the completion of this encounter with Birkin.

William Birkin – Stage 2

Upon collection of all the plugs in the sewers region of the game, a more transformed Birkin will crawl through and surprise your character. This form of Birkin is much more aggressive and he can move more swiftly, so always keep your distance.

The good thing is that the eye always open and susceptible for any damage, so whenever you’re able to position yourself and take a shot, focus it on the eye.

Shoot this particular point on his shoulder multiple times while dodging the fire and other obstacles as you make your way towards the shipping/containers platform as Birkin chases you.

After you have hit him enough, you will stun the enemy. Alternatively, you can use a stun grenade or a flashbang to stagger the boss.

The key detail here is to have him temporarily stunned right below the shipping container so when you are ready to call the shots, you can interact with the button on the yellow panel that sends the heavy item down crushing Birkin under its weight.

That is until you have met his final form: the fully transformed and mutated beast that was once William Birkin.

William Birkin – Stage 3

Taller in its stature, broader in its physique, and having a fiercer appearance than his previous two forms, you’ll encounter the final form of Mr. Birkin after recovering the G-Virus sample.

This time around, G will have three eyes, two on the front and on the back for you to shoot. The only issue here is that Birkin (or whatever’s left of him) is much stronger and quicker.

His primary moves include a lunging attack dealing massive damage and him occasionally hurling debris your way.

It is for this purpose, healing consumables are necessary for durability and surviving through the entirety of the fight. For the eyes, it is best to use more precision-based weapons like the handgun and pistols.

You do not need the extra damage, just the accuracy. After destroying the two eyes at the front, wait until G starts throwing debris from the lab your way. This is your opportunity at shooting in the eye in the back.

After all three eyes are destroyed; the weak point will be exposed. Now is your chance to do some decent damage to the likes of shotguns and magnums.

Repeat this cycle whole cycle twice so that the weak point is revealed two times. Destroying both ones marks the end of the fight and the end of G or Mr. Birkin, whichever way you would like to remember him.

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