Resident Evil 2 Remake First-Person Mod Is For You If You Love RE7

Resident Evil 7 is a first-person game that brought the Resident Evil series back to its roots. Capcom then proceeded to launch Resident Evil 2 remake with an over the shoulder perspective but, you can play it in first-person too.

If you liked the first-person perspective of RE7 then this Resident Evil 2 first-person mod is for you. However, this first-person mod for Resident Evil 2 is in early development.

Praydog is the one developing the first-person mod for Resident Evil 2 remake. However, the cutscenes will always be in third-person perspective.

Also, given that the game was designed are a third-person title, the FPS camera movement is a bit odd. In short, expect the mod to take a while before it’s fully developed.

Speaking of the game, Resident Evil 2 remake has been cracked a week after its launch. To be exact the game was cracked after 7d 12h 32m of its launch.

This is despite the game using Denuvo DRM anti-temper tech. This is another failure added to the list of games Denuvo DRM has failed to protect. Resident Evil 7 also used the DRM but was cracked within 5 days of its launch.

However, Capcom decided to keep Denuvo DRM in place and only recently removed the DRM from Resident Evil 7. Capcom didn’t reveal why it chose to remove the DRM. The license expiration might be the reason behind it and the studio decided not to renew it.

Also, a report is making rounds on the internet suggesting that Resident Evil 8 is in active development. Reportedly, Resident Evil 8 will launch after Capcom releases the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Resident Evil 8 will be a direct sequel to RE7. The game will focus on finding out who is developing bioweapons like Eveline.

Also, Resident Evil 8 will feature an over the should perspective unlike the first-person perspective if RE7. Personally, I really like the first-person perspective and would like Capcom to keep it for RE8.

This rumor falls in line with a with Capcom wanting to remake Resident Evil 3. According to RE2 remake producer, Resident Evil 3 remake can happen if fans want.

Not only that, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda noted that he would like to remake all Resident Evil games with fixed camera perspective.

I think it would be interesting to provide over-the-shoulder versions of our other fixed-camera titles. But for the time being my priority is making Resident Evil 2 a success.

Resident Evil 2 remake a survival-horror game developed by Capcom for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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