Reports of Faulty, Not Working PS4 Units Popping Up On Social Media

Playstation 4
Things aren’t going as smooth for Sony with PS4 as they hoped as several reports of faulty, non-functional PS4 units swarm the social media.

Some of the consumers have received PS4’s early and while most of them are sharing their experiences with the rest of the World with tweets and streaming, some are left with disappointment due to the console being faulty.

There is not one, two, three but four reports of early units not working properly. The sad part is, Sony support can’t help much considering the console has yet to launch officially.

Some of the common problems include PS4 getting stuck at boot and dualshock 4 controller not working after playing a certain game. Stephen Totilo of Kotaku was among the first to report PS4’s hardware troubles, but he leaned towards it being an isolated incident.

Here is a guy explaining what’s actually happening when he tries to start Playstation 4.

Something tells me that Sony is aware of some of these issues.

What’s your take on the matter? Is it RROD all over again or few isolated incidents, which shouldn’t be considered at this stage?

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