Report: Sony May Be Working On A Breaking Bad Game, New Trademark Filing Spotted

According to a new trademark filing, Sony is working on a Breaking Bad. The company is yet to confirm the news.

Breaking Bad was one of the best Tv shows of all time and I loved every minute of it. Not a single episode had a dull moment and as a gamer, I have been praying for a GTA style Breaking Bad game.

However, no one capable of making this happen is saying anything but it seems Sony’s plans for a Breaking Bad game may have been leaked.

Courtesy of a report, we are provided with a new trademark filing from Sony Computer Entertainment for something called Breaking Bad.

Check out trademark filing document below.

Breaking Bad
breaking bad 1

The filing refers to the product as a video game software, and the document was filed on 5/6/2015. Sony is yet to say a word on this, so we can only speculate for the time being.


You will notice that the filing does not mention Sony, but the reason for us to believe that the document is filed by Sony, is the Goods and services area details. Code 9, 28, and 41 are frequently used by Sony when it files a trademark in Europe for a video game product.

The big question here is, which studio is developing the Breaking Bad game? While many fans would love Telltale to work on this, I think we need something on a much larger scale. Preferably an open-world game where Walter White breaks bad.

Naughty Dog is almost done with Uncharted 4 so it would be great if the studio takes over the responsibility of Breaking Bad’s development.

Like I mentioned, no official word of confirmation has been received yet, so keep your expectations in check.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t let us know what you would like to see from a Breaking Bad game. Take to the comments to share your thoughts on the matter.

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