Report: Nintendo Russia CEO Harassing Ex-Employees, Making Sure They Don’t Get Jobs

Nintendo Russia CEO is allegedly harrassing ex-employees after pushing them out of the company. He also had a meltdown during a live stream.

Controversy is brewing at Nintendo Russia as the CEO of the branch is allegedly harassing ex-employees. According to a recently published video showing him losing his temper during a live stream of Mario Kart 8, Yasha Haddaji, has issues with his anger. Apparently, he has zero-control and is vengeful toward ex-employees pushed out of the company due to his own behavior.

Fans have created a channel named “Save Nintendo” where the video was shared. The maker of the footage blamed Nintendo Russia’s poor performance on the marketing team. There were many opportunities to push the games to the market but due to Yasha’s “I know best”behavior, Nintendo is performing poorly.

Employees are leaving the company due to Yasha’s temper and lack of self-control.  Ex-employees are afraid to speak up about the problem even after leaving the company. The reason being Yasha’s vengeful nature.  He is known to contact other video game related companies and try to make sure ex-employees never get a job or at least have trouble finding one.

During the Level Up Days live stream Yasha allegedly had a meltdown and said “fuck,” “shit,” and “retard” several times.

During the Steam he can be heard threatening to fire someone and calling people retards multiple times. Nintendo is yet to officially acknowledge what happened. Yasha is yet to share his side of the story as well but the report says that he was mad about not being notified about the live stream.

Fans are demanding action against the local boss and since the news is spreading like wildfire, Nintendo would eventually do something. An investigation must be conducted.

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