Report: Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha To Kick Off Later This Week

Although DICE has yet to officially announce it, looks like a closed alpha for Battlefield 1 is due to release this week.

GameSpot recently published a written hands-on preview of the upcoming shooter – that was available at E3 2016 – which has a hint of unannounced closed alpha. Here is what an excerpt from the preview reads:

And I’ve only spent an hour in the maps that will be available in the game’s closed alpha next week. So I can’t say whether this unpredictability will become rote as I play more of the multiplayer shooter. But I can say that, from my brief time with the game, I came away excited for what feels like a return to form for the series.

DICE and EA has not shared anything regarding this closed alpha, how to get enrolled, how small of a test will it be, and other details. Although closed alpha tests for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 had random people in, it seems like this one will only include YouTubers and streamers.

Do note that DICE has already confirmed a beta which will go live ahead of game’s official release. Once again, there is no fixed date. Personally, I am looking forward to try out the new Operations Mode which will take players on a journey across several Multiplayer Maps based on real-life battles.

Operations offer epic journeys across several maps based upon real battles of World War I. We wanted to offer a large and epic experience with a focus on teamplay and frontline combat. Adding this meta-layer to the game mode, and stretching it across multiple interesting locations that both look and play very differently, adds a whole new layer of scale and variety to the battles in Battlefield 1. Your team can win on one map, proceed to the next map, and actually see the map you previously fought over on the horizon.

To find out more on what the Operation Mode offers, head over to the post!

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on Oct. 21, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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