How to Remove Your Gas Mask and Conserve Filters in Metro Exodus

In this Metro Exodus Guide, we’ll guide you on how to remove Gas Masks in Metro Exodus so that you can conserve Filters in the game.

How to Remove Gas Mask in Metro Exodus

The third installment in the Metro video game series set in 2036. Players will be setting out a journey across Russia fighting the harsh nuclear winter. The story is set in the post-apocalyptic land, 23 years after the Nuclear War.

The player will be scavenging for material and has to fight mutated animals and humans.

Because of the Nuclear War, the whole area is covered in high levels of radiation hence the players will be wearing a mask that will be protecting them from the radiation.

The Gas Mask does protect you when you enter an affected area but it requires regular filter changes. You can scavenge these filters when you enter buildings or you can also create new filters.

Be sure to take off your Gas Mask when indoor, as it will save your filters. When going outdoors, make sure that you have an extra supply of filters because you won’t be able to survive without them.

You can change your filters by pressing and holding down your directional pad on Xbox One or PS4 and the same way you can take off your mask when you aren’t in an area that is affected by radiation.