How to Get Warlord’s Armor in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923

In this guide, we have given detailed information on how you can get Warlord’s Armor in Remnant from The Ashes Subject 2923 DLC.

The Warlord’s Armor is one-third of the Warlord’s Set in Remnant from the Ashes. It requires you to defeat the Packmaster for the Tusk then trading the Tusk with Sebum for the Armor.

Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Warlord’s Armor

The Warlord’s Armor is one of the most important Body Armors and a part of the Warlord’s Set in Remnant.

Each piece comes with an armor that provides you with passive abilities that boost your stats.

In order to attain the maximum value of an armor skill, you must equip a complete set of armor and obtain Skill Level 3.

Skill Level 1
+10% Damage, +1% Lifesteal

Skill Level 2
+25% Damage, +2% Lifesteal

Skill Level 3
+40% Damage, +3.5% Lifesteal

The Warlord’s Armor is found at Reisum. So, the first thing you need to do is travel to Reisum and defeat the Packmaster to receive the Packmaster’s Tusk.

Once you’ve been rewarded with the Tusk, head to “The Frieran Sea” and you’ll come across a checkpoint.

Move left from the checkpoint and you’ll come across a large wooden ship.

There are few crates blocking the way, break them, hop on to the staircase and you’ll find the Warlord’s Armor inside the ship.

You can see it through the opening in the ship’s bow. (this is optional just for seeing where the Armor is)

Now, enter the ship through the large opening, and talk to Sebum Merchant and Trade the Packmaster’s Tusk for the Armor.

During the conversation, you’ll get a few options to select from. So, choose the right options that give you the Armor.

Once the bargaining is over, Sebum will trade the Tusk for the Armor and you’ll complete the Quest.

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