Remnant: From the Ashes Unclean One Guide – Boss Fight, Strategies, Tips

This looks exactly as the name sounds. Big, nasty dude with a huge hammer. He attacks savagely and also summons minions and is very difficult to defeat but don’t worry we are here to help you slay him with the help of this Remnant: From the Ashes Unclean One Guide.

The key to defeating him is by dodging his melee attacks cause if he gets you when he savagely and repeatedly spins his hammer, it would hurt a lot. So, roll anywhere you can to save yourself. Now getting to the logistics of the fight.

Remnant: From the Ashes Unclean One

He has a number of attacks that need to be looked out for. If you get to close to him, he will do a sweeping attack, he can even attack you through walls by charging at you and with that, he can also do a whole 360 with his hammer.

Also, did we mention he spawns minions also? Cause yeah, with all that he also spawns minions.

No need to worry though, because when the boss does his 360 attacks, he takes out half the minions on his own, that is if you are successful in dodging it.

All you need to do to kill him to take as many shots at him as you can, and his 360 attacks would provide you a good opportunity to do so.

The most harmful attacks for you could be the leaping ones, look out for when he’s about to slam his hammer on the ground.

He can also hit you with his fat belly if you are close to him. If you are at a medium distance, he’ll do the standing hammer slam and if you far away he can do a jumping attack, or he would charge at you and even the walls won’t help you in this case.

Just wait for his 360 attacks because that is when you can do your damage. Keeping chipping away at his health at these opportune moments and ultimately you will have successfully defeated the Unclean One boss.

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