Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Ward Prime Walkthrough

Ward Prime is a new location that was added in Remnant: From the Ashes’ Subject 2923 DLC. This dungeon contains...

Ward Prime is a new location that was added in Remnant: From the Ashes’ Subject 2923 DLC. This dungeon contains a complicated puzzle that requires multiple phases to solve. It also requires the player to have a good sense of direction, as the entirety of Ward Prime can be hard to traverse, given its confusing layout.

In this guide, we’ll go over a step-by-step walkthrough of Ward Prime in Remnant From The Ashes. Additionally, we’ll also cover how you access the Ward and how you can acquire the highly sought-after Machine Pistol, which is a part of this DLC.

How to get to Ward Prime in Remnant Subject 2923?

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

Before we begin the walkthrough, it is important to know what exactly you need to do to access Subject 2923 and Ward Prime. Go to Ward 13 and head over to the World Stone. Interact with it and select the “Reroll Campaign” option to make the Subject 2923 DLC appear on the campaign screen.

All you have to do now is select Subject 2923, choose your desired difficulty, and be transported to the new area. Note that the DLC can be started without having completed the main game or other DLCs, as it exists as a standalone campaign.

Once you enter Subject 2923, you’ll be brought to a gloomy farmland. Here, you’ll have to look for a small house that leads to the military base which acts as the entrance to Ward Prime. Explore the Ward and descend the stairs until you reach the main corridor area. Before you do, make sure to interact with the World Stone.

1. Destroy the Nexus Heart and go to the Medical Bay

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

The first thing you’ll want to do is make your way to the Maintenance Room and destroy the Nexus Heart. The Maintenance Room can be found by going left as soon as you come out into the main hall after interacting with the World Stone. The Heart itself is in a room to the left of a locked door with a sign that reads “Maintenance Access – Restricted”. This door will come into use later.

You’ll find a couple of Root Abberations on the way, but they won’t attack you until after you destroy the Nexus Heart. Once you’ve destroyed the heart, exit the room and continue straight, take the next left turn and follow the hallway until you come upon a Root Heart. Destroy it and proceed further.

2. Get the Maintenance key from the Medical Bay

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

Follow the newly opened path down and press forward until you enter the Medical Bay. Take the first right after entering the Medical Bay, then take a left and follow the path. You’ll emerge into another room where you’ll find another Nexus Heart you can interact with.

The idea is to interact with the Nexus Heart and then make your way to the Root Heart as quickly as possible. Once you interact with the Nexus Heart, exit the room and follow the path while keeping to your left. Once you go through a doorway, make a right, then look to your left to locate the Root Heart.

Destroy the Root Heart then head in the opposite direction. You should see a doorway blocked by a large root with windows on either side. Jump through the window on the right to enter the area that contains the Maintenance Key.

3. Go to the Reactor Bay

Once you have the key in your possession, return to the “Maintenance Access – Restricted” door and use the key to unlock it. This will lead you to the Reactor Area. Here, you’ll find a total of three Nexus Hearts that you’ll have to destroy to proceed further.

Do note that following the destruction of one Nexus Heart, you’ll have to find a destroy a Root Heart. The same Root Heart must be destroyed a total of three times. Once you’ve destroyed all three Nexus Hearts, go to the Reactor Control Room and initialize the reactor.

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

Next, go down the stairs from the Control Room and go through the Root Heart blocking it. This will take you back to the Medical Bay.

4. Get the Ward Prime Keycard

Once you’re back in the Medical Bay, you should see a room with a Tome that you can pick up. Just outside that room, you’ll find a door that unlocks a shortcut to the rest of the Medical Bay. Right next to the shortcut is the Medical Officer’s Room, which contains the computer that will let us proceed further.

Access the computer and select the option “Unlock Medicine Storage.” The storage room is just around the corner, and the Warm Prime Keycard is just beyond its doors.

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

This Keycard can be used on the ” Laboratory ” door outside the storage room.

5. Get the Fuse

Follow the hallway then take the first left to find the Nexus Heart required to proceed further. Interact with it, then exit the room and press forward to go down the stairs. Make a left, then an immediate right, and continue going straight until you find the Root Heart. Destroy it, then enter the newly opened path. Inside the room, you’ll find the Ward Prime Fuse.

6. Turn the power on in the Main Bay

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime

Next, head over to the Main Bay, which is found on the main floor of the Ward, and insert the fuse you acquired into the fuse box present there. Flip the power back on then go back to the main room next to it.

Here, you’ll find a computer that you can use to open the blast doors. Then all you need to do is go inside, activate the Nexus Heart, and destroy the Root Heart which will spawn another World Crystal. Interact with the Crystal to complete Ward Prime in Remnant’s Subject 2923 DLC.

How to get the Machine Pistol in Ward Prime?

Remnant Subject 2923 Ward Prime machine pistol

The Machine Pistol is an optional pick-up in Ward Prime that you can get after you insert the fuse into the fuse box, and go right of the blast doors to discover an office with yet another terminal. This terminal requires a password that opens a secret room toward the back of the office that leads to the Machine Pistol.

Plenty of environmental cues are present here that’ll help you solve the puzzle, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of figuring it out, the password is 2-4-1-3-5-1.

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