How to Access the Medical Bay in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923

This Remnant From the Ashes walkthrough will cover how you can access a facility known as the Medical Bay in the Subject 2923 DLC.

Medical Bay located by the first checkpoint in Ward Prime but upon arrival, you will not be able to enter the bay. There a few ways to go about getting in.

How To Access The Medical Bay in Remnant from the Ashes

The entrance to the Medical Bay is being blocked by a bunch of roots coming from a strange type of enemy.

In order to get past this blockade, you will have to engage in a little travel in which you must acquire the Ward Prime keycard.

That will require you to head to the reactor with the help of your Prime Ward maintenance key, get rid of the roots on your way and turn on the reactor.

However, there is a better way; Head left from the previously mentioned checkpoint and go right until you come across a wall.

There is more to this wall than meets the eye since behind it is a rift that will take you to another room.

Once in this new plane of reality in Subject 2923, you will have to battle a bunch of enemies who can actually hurt you in this reality.

Some of these can fly so focus on taking them down as the big ones will cause you trouble. Once they’re all dealt with, you can return to the Medbay door.

The obstructions have turned into a twists flower that you must then shoot down.

You will now be returned back to reality and can access the Medical Bay of Ward Prime in Subject 2923 DLC of Remnant.