Remnant: From the Ashes SMG Guide – Elder Knowledge, Ward 13 Key Card

Remnant: From the Ashes SMG is a hidden weapon that will relieve you of your everyday heavy weaponry and lighten the burden of slow reloading. To obtain the SMG, you have to complete a multi-step puzzle. Our Remnant: From the Ashes SMG and Elder Knowledge Guide will walk you through the various steps and allow you to get to the gun without any hassle.

Remnant: From the Ashes SMG

To begin with this mini-quest, you have to first obtain the Ward 13 Key Card. It will appear when you first teleport using the crystal. You will find it lying in a room near the first teleportation crystal.

Having obtained the Ward 13 key card, head to the basement of Ward 13 into the area B2. There you will be able to unlock a door using the key card.

Opening the door will give you access to the B2 floor. There at the end of the corridor to your left, you will find a fuse. Collect the fuse to make use of it later on. Head down to B3 after collecting it.

On the B3 level, you will find another locked door requiring a key card unlock. Note that the power is down so the card reader won’t work. Find the power box and insert the fuse you found that it is missing and flip the switch to turn on the power.

Open the door using the key card and turn the power back off. Inside the door, take a left and keep moving to find a tunnel with fans in it. Follow on to the end of it to find a room on the right. Inside you will find the Ward 13 Master Key.

Take the Master Key up to B2. There you will find a door that you can use it on. Unlock it and take a right in the first hallway. Head down the ride pipes towards the door. Inside it, you will find the SMG.

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