Remnant: From the Ashes Scourge Guide – Boss Fight, Tips

Not much different from the other fights that you’ve been a part of will be the Remnant: From the Ashes Scourge boss fight. You will see some similar patterns and attacks when you will be fighting Scourge on the battlefield.

Remnant: From the Ashes Scourge

What makes Scourge different and tougher from the other bosses is the radiation attack, melee attacks, and projectile attacks he uses. Not only this but throughout your battle with him, you will have to fight off the spawning enemies which are a part of his team.

Now you have to take care of the attacks the Scourge uses but another thing that you will be taking care off will be your attacks.

Unlike other bosses, when you attack Scourge on his head you will be doing him zero damage as he wears some sort of a protective mask there which shields him from all your attacks. Always try to position your attacks on the body rather than his head so you can do him maximum damage.

Time and again when you attack him lower on his body, he tries to bring his head down so your attack is shielded by that. You have to take care of that by positioning the attacks lower.

He is continuously trying to poison with the radiation so stay and little away from him whenever you can and that will save you from the radiation poisoning.

His attack and projectiles are a bit slow and can be easily dodged although the projectiles have trackers so you need to lose them before they damage you. His punch is a strong attack which can leave you with a lot more damage so be careful with that.

Taking care of these point along with your attacks will make this fight easier on you than most and will do you less harm if you keep dodging the attacks and projectiles. Keep hitting him on the body and don’t stop on wiping out the spawning enemies and you will win the boss fight in no time.

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