Remnant: From the Ashes Ixillis XV Guide – Boss Fight, Location, Strategies

The Remnant: From the Ashes Ixillis XV fight is a fight against two gigantic bosses at the same time. Once you are in the swampy part of the game, you will encounter Ixillis XV, a giant flying boss. But when you get to about the middle of the battle with one massive boss, one more will surprise you with their appearance and this would not be pleasant.

Remnant: From the Ashes Ixillis XV

The fight occurs on a bridge and there’s little room to go around, and here you have to deal with two bosses. Ixillis XV’s attacks are easy to avoid but there are a lot of them e.g. sweeping spear attack, etc.

These keep on differing as the fight progresses. The spear attack will, however, accompany you from start to end. Its indicator is the green glow on the spear, a well-timed dodge will be a good way to save yourself.

When it looks like the boss is meditating, it is summoning creatures that look like wisps. These wisp-like white orbs follow you and don’t rest until they damage you. You can save yourself by shooting these orbs as soon as you can and as many as you can but keep an eye out for other attacks by the boss.

At the moment when the second boss spawns the first one will charge at you with a screaming attack, which will damage you a lot. Shoot them in the head to avoid this attack and deal a huge amount of damage to the boss as well.

During the fight at one point, one of the bosses will move away towards the corner of the map and the other one will keep on fighting you. Just keep dodging his attacks and shoot down the wisps along with it. The boss that’s in the corner will still attack from there with ray beams.

The trick now is to focus on one of them first and kill it. That way once you kill one of them, killing the other wouldn’t be as difficult. Also, keep an eye on your surrounding as it is possible to fall from the bridge where you are fighting.

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