Remnant: From the Ashes Combat Guide – Beginners Tips and Tricks

This Remnant: From The Ashes Guide will tell you about the basic as well as advanced combat moves in the game. This will help you survive and win intense battles in the game. But before we get into any of that we would tell you which class to choose to get started in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is very important as this would determine their stats and weaponry. So without any further wait, let’s start the guide.

Remnant: From the Ashes Combat

The three choices for playable classes are:

  1. Hunter
  2. Ex-Cultist
  3. Scrapper

Which Class to Choose?

All three of these are pretty similar and the basic difference is the distance you expect to be with enemies during your journey.

Depending upon if you like to play stealth, or if you like to face your enemies head-on or pulverize them from far away. This is your choice and choosing the appropriate class will help you play the way you want to.

Now that you know how this works, let’s get into the details of each of these classes as briefly as possible.

Starting with a hunter; as the name suggests this class will help you take out enemies from a long distance by providing you with a hunting rifle which has comparably more range than the other two classes.

This class will also bestow you with the Hunter’s Mark Mod giving you the ability to see your prey through walls.

Moving on to the Scrapper; this class is more of a close combat class. You will have a powerful shotgun in this class and the Hot Shot ability due to which you can light up your enemies with fire.

If in your future, you think you could end up in a situation where you have to fight enemies head-on then this is the way to go.

The middle-ground between the two is the Ex-Cultist; providing you with a coach gun which has more range than a shotgun and the Mender’s Aurora Mod which turns you into a healer for you and your enemies and if of think of yourself as the medic then this could be your choice.

While choosing a class impacts the whole game a little but it is only important for the beginning of the game because you can also choose your path later on and whichever class you choose.

You can buy and upgrade your way to whichever path you want later on. Now that we have got this out of the way let’s move on to the combat tips, starting from movements:


  1. Rolling: In order to dodge an active you need to roll away. The i-frames provided with rolling give you immunity from damage cause you can roll directly through an enemy attack. But you need the stamina to execute a roll and also you need to equip just the right armor for avoiding extra weight.
  2. Neutral Dodge: This is a counter-attack using a melee weapon, but its drawback is that it will not give you invincibility over attacks from other enemies.
  3. Sprinting: Getting caught in a corner and having a lot of enemies attacking you at once can be very bad and the way to get out of this is by sprinting. You will also need the stamina to do a sprint as the same case is with rolling.

Now we move on towards using weapons.


You can equip firearms and melee weapons in this game i.e. a primary firearm which is a long gun, a secondary firearm which would be a handgun and in case of close-range combat a melee weapon.

Both melee weapons and firearms can be used together because the transition between them is very seamless. You can manage or choose your desired weapons by using the Character Menu.

This may sound like a drag that you can only shoot your firearms after aiming in this game because if you press the shoot button you will use your melee weapon instead of your firearms but this is beneficial because it allows you to seamlessly switch between both your weapon types which can be beneficial in certain situations.

Melee weapons have the same strike set which is a set of three-strike combo in a row. The type of melee weapon you have equipped will determine the reach, damage, horizontal and vertical attacks, and their speed.

The attacks performed by melee weapons can be categorized as:

  1. Normal Attacks: Press the attack button continuously to execute the three-hit combo which is a normal attack.
  2. Charged Attacks: If you press and hold onto the attack button and then release it, you will perform a stronger charged attack.
  3. Lunge Attack: If you press the attack button while sprinting you will be able to perform a lunge attack.

Now talking about the Status Ailments.

Status Ailments

You and your enemies can inflict each other with many negative status ailments. These are:

  1. Bleed: This ailment will decrease the health upon whom it is inflicted over time even if the subject is not taking any more damage.
  2. Fire: This ailment will light the subject on fire which will decrease their health and over time and keep inflicting damage.
  3. Rot: This will interrupt the subject’s actions by infecting them with a virus which will cause them to cough.
  4. Radiation: This ailment will reduce the subject’s stamina.
  5. Corrosive: This ailment will decrease the effectiveness of the subject’s armor leaving them with lessened defense.

There is another ailment called shock but details about it are unknown.

Saving and Death

You can rest at any crystal bonfire or interact with any crystal to replenish your health, ammo and Dragon Heart. These crystals and bonfires can also be used to fast travel.

Interacting with them also saves the game automatically and makes them your last checkpoint where you will respawn if you die.

Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods are also active abilities that can amplify the use of your firearms. You can get them from merchants, crafting, in random loots or they can be dropped by bosses.

You can open your character menu and manage your weapon mods there in the weapon mod slot of your firearms. Your mods can only be used if your mod gauge is filled which can be done by firing enemies.

Character Traits

Your stats will get unique bonuses and buffs considering your passive abilities. These are the value of your health or stamina, the effectiveness of your weapon, ailments resistance, teamwork, etc.

The build, class or play style you want can be chosen by investing trait points in the trait you want that will support your choice. These points can be gained by killing enemies.

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