Remnant: From The Ashes: Glitches, Errors, Crashes, Black Screen, Bugs And Their Fixes

A troubleshooting guide for those who are experiencing errors, crashes, bugs, glitches and other issues in Remnant: From The Ashes.

If you’re playing Remnant: From the Ashes, you’re hopefully having a good time as well. Thing is, not everybody is exactly having the same fun as you. This is due to some glitches and errors that can ruin the experience for you. While most of them have a solution, a select few don’t. For those few, you still can have some sort of precautions to take. Here’s the best help we can provide.

Save File Corruption

Now this one is something we’ll start off with due to this error usually being irreversable. Steam cloud saves can get messy sometimes, and losing progress in a game like Remnant: From The Ashes can be very frustrating. Therefore, a rule of thumb is making a save file backup manually in your computer.

To do so, make a save backup folder anywhere, then go here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Remnant\Saved\SaveGames\. Find your save file, copy it and paste it into the backup folder. Should you face a corruption, just paste the backed up files into the same directory mentioned above. Easy peasy right?

Black Screen Crash

Classic case of black screen, staple error in PC games every now and then. The fix to this is fairly simple, just alt enter to go into windowed mode. Once the game displays, manually use the in-game options to switch to full screen.

Disabling voice chat

Now this isn’t a glitch exactly. It’s more of an oopsie on the developers’ part. Not everybody wants to actively chat in voice, especially when they’re with friends in discord. That just leads to double echoes. To fix this, you’ll have to manually disable voice chat from the game’s files.

To do so, follow this directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Remnant\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. Once there, make these changes to the OpenEngine.ini after using your notepad to open it:

[Voice] bEnabled=False[OnlineSubsystem] bHasVoiceEnabled=False

That should fix the issue right up.

Crashing at Launch

This error mostly has to do with an anti-virus or some kind of administrative protection preventing your game from starting up. The basic fix to this is simply running the game as administrator.

For Nvidia users, you can set the run option to Remnant for High performance in the Nvidia Control Panel. Lastly, updating your drivers can also be a fix.

X3DAudio1_7.dll Was Not Found

To fix this error, the most commonly found solution is to just update your operating system. If that doesn’t work and the issue continues to bother you, simply install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 and 64-bit version Visual C++ Redistributable.

D3D Device Lost, Fatal Error Fix

This error tends to cause crashes in the middle of your gaming session which can be really annoying. The most common source of the problem is third-party software like Fraps or GeForce experience. Restarting or disabling the softwares before running Remnant should fix the issue.

Stuttering and FPS issues

Performance issues despite having beefy hardware has to do with your game driver. If you’re an Nvidia user, going into the control panel and setting every option to high performance is a surefire way to fix the issues.

Achievements Being Locked Up

If you are trying to do achievements, make sure that you are doing it in your game as the achievements are directly linked to your game and and not in co-op mode. If that does not work you can try doing those achievements in offline mode. We also have another solution for it and that is deleting all the extra save files/profile of the game and turning off the stream cloud. It would definitely work.

Profile Corrupt

Firstly, the support staff of Remnant from the Ashes recommend that you save a back up file of your current profile incase of getting error or the profile being corrupt if you are on PC.

You can find your save file on the folder where you installed Remnant from the Ashes. After going there you need to turn on the settings to see “Hidden Items”.

From there you can navigate to Users > AppData > Local > Remnant > Saved > SaveGames

Copy the ‘profile.sav’ & any save files to your desktop ‘

Secondly, if you encounter with an error code while launching that th game “Profile does not exist”, or that the “Profile is Corrupt”. To fix that you need to delete all the current saves so you can be able to play the game again.

Here are few steps that you need to take:

  • Disable stream cloud.
  • Open steam and go to your library.
  • Open the properties by right clicking on Remnant: From the Ashes.
  • Click on the Updates tab and disable the Steam Cloud synchronization Option.
  • Close it.
  • Delete the local saves file using the windows explorer path.
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Remnant\Saved
  • Now delete the folder named SaveGames
  • Launch the game and finish the tutorial (Make sue that cloud saving is still disabled)
  • Enable the Cloud Saving option, then when prompted to resolve the steam cloud save conflict, make sure to choose the local files.

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