Remnant: From the Ashes Brabus Guide – Boss Fight, Tips

Our Remnant: From the Ashes Brabus Boss Guide will walk you through the setting of Brabus Boss fight, acquaint you with all his attacks and equip you with tactics to defeat him easily.

Remnant: From the Ashes Brabus

Brabus is quite a tough enemy mainly owing to his deadly shotgun. Brabus only has a shotgun that he uses to deal damage on you, apart from that his running and hiding skills are also worthy of mentioning.

During the fight, Brabus will periodically shoot a burst of shotgun at you, precise to the very end and not easy to evade. These shots are very timed and recurring, such that you can get a hang of it.

To dodge the shots fired by this boss, you’ll have to jump and roll to one side. But to time it is the real challenge. After failing a few times and taking a few hits, you’ll know when to dive and why?

The shot takes a lot of health and comes right your way. You can take cover behind any one of the arrays of pillars in the area. Apart from that, there are small rooms with multiple opening that you can retreat to when hurt badly.

The goons that spawn continuously will keep coming at you trying to force you out of cover or to ambush you when in a safe place. They will also try to distract you when you’re attacking the boss.

To take out the goons as soon as possible is the best case. This will allow you to focus your firepower on Brabus alone. And will also save you a great deal of trouble and HP.

Brabus will also be taking cover or running away most of the time. He will only leave cover just to take the shot only to hide back again. When this happens, you will only have a second’s window to take a shot and do him some damage.

Use an SMG to make small repetitive damage. Individual shot damage might not be substantial but shots will accumulate to cause much greater damage. A Shotgun can also be used for approach and shoot technique.

Forcing Brabus out of cover might take some courage. Right after he takes the shot, just run at him behind the cover and take as many shots as possible before he retreats to another location.

Note; Go prepared for the battle as it might take a while to beat him. Replenish yourself with health and boost consumables and take ample ammo clips with you.

When you lose substantial HP, take cover and use the health item to restore HP. For this purpose, you may use the room to the right side from where you enter. There is a broken fridge and a fire goblet inside it.

You can also lure Brabus down there. It is a nice place to rip him to shreds while you take cover behind the fridge.

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