Remnant: From the Ashes Amulets Locations Guide

In Remnant: From the Ashes, you can use Amulets to apply different effects to the character by imbuing those properties onto this item. Like armor sets and rings, these items provide some buffs to your character and improve your stats.

They can be found as loot from enemies or hidden in chests at different locations. They can also be purchased from Merchants. This Remnant: From The Ashes Amulets guide lists every amulet in the game along with the buffs they provide.

Remnants: From the Ashes Amulets Locations

Amulet Properties
Brutal Mark +15% extra damage to foes who have less than half HP
Cleansing Jewel All negative status effects of using a Dragon Heart removed. +30% Self-Healing Effectiveness with all healing items
Galenic Charm 50% of damage dealt to enemies rewards you with mod power
Gunslinger’s Charm +10% Fire Rate. +20% Reload Speed
Leto’s Amulet -40% Armor Encumbrance. -10% Stamina cost
Pocket Watch Stamina Regeneration increased to 15 per second. -15% Stamina Cost
Rock of Anguish +25% Movement Speed. +50% Reload Speed for 3 seconds after taking damage
Storm Amulet +15% to all ELEMENTAL damage
Twisted Idol +25% Armor Effectiveness