How To Get The Red Widow Armor Set In Remnant 2

The Red Widow armor set requires you to discover a secret passageway by solving a puzzle in Remnant 2. Here is how you get the armor set.

Featuring a samurai-like design with black clothing and golden guards, the Red Widow Set is one of the best armor sets you can find in Remnant 2.

It gives you an impressive level of Bleed and Blight resistance without compromising too much on mobility.

This armor set, however, is not an easy one to find. The only way to get is to solve a puzzle and discover a secret passageway. Here is where you need to go and what you need to do.

The Red Widow armor set location in Remnant 2

The Red Widow Set can be found through a hidden pathway in the Lament dungeon in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2.

The Lament is a random spawn dungeon in Yaesha in Remnant 2. As the maps are procedurally generated the exact location cannot be pointed out so you will need to find it in your world.

Once in The Lament, you must complete The Dial Puzzle or The Consort’s Puzzle to unlock the door leading to the checkpoint room. Grab the checkpoint and you can see the Red Widow Set coffin from the window ahead


To make your way to the Red Widow Set coffin, you must smash the pots in the left corner of the checkpoint room to reveal a hidden area leading deeper into The Lament.

After your descent, you will find a ledge leading to a locked door with a queen’s symbol on it. Before proceeding forward, make your way to the waterfall on your right and crawl through the secret passageway beneath it to obtain The Supply Room Key.

Retrace your steps back to the ledge and unlock the queen’s symbol door at the end of the hallway using The Supply Room Key.

Grab the loot in the chest on the right before heading forward through the collapsed wall pathway. You will find the final test between you and the Red Widow Set which is a trap hallway with buzz saws.

The saws move alternatively to each other so you can chase the one moving away from you or crouch through while being mindful of the raised platforms and the corners of the hallway,

Once on the other side, you can finally get the Red Widow Armor Set in the coffin up the stairs in Remnant 2.

Red Widow Set stats and bonuses

Red Widow Set in Remnant 2 is a medium armor set that penalizes 25% Stamina Cost with normal dodges. Weighing only 48, it provides 88 Armor which is the highest for medium armor sets with an additional 12 Bleed, 11 Blight, and 2 Corrosive Resistance.

Red Widow Set is one of the best medium set armors in Remnant 2 because it provides the best of both worlds, mobility, and defense. Not trading one for the other, the balance helps not only provide moderate protection but also does not compromise on movement speed and agility. Additionally, it is one of the best-looking armor in all classes with its red and black aesthetic.

Being medium-weighed, it fits almost any build that does not require extreme dexterity or defense. With its use in every archetype build, Red Widow is fairly popular in Hunter Class builds.

If you want something that looks good and provides excellent stats then Red Widow Set is worth checking out. While providing excellent protection with a little compromise on movement speed, it fits versatile builds and maybe just the one you are looking for.

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