Remnant 2: Who Is The Guilty Tribunal Council Member?

Remnant 2 has a ton of side content you can explore, one of which involves finding the guilty council member on the Fae Council.

Remnant 2 features a robust collection of interesting side content and puzzles that challenge your exploration and investigative prowess. The Fae Council event is one such example that takes place in Lonsomn. You are tasked with weeding out a guilty Fae council member out of the three present in Remnant 2. One of them is responsible for killing the One True King.

You must find evidence that reveals the murderer. You can do so by finding the dagger used in the crime that will bear the insignia of the guilty Fae Council Member. The outcome of this quest differs from person to person, due to the procedurally generated of the game.

So the guilty Fae Council Member in Remnant 2 will be different for everyone. However, there’s a simple of exposing who that person is in your game.

Tribunal Council Room Location in Remnant 2

Tribunal Council room map Remnant 2

The quest starts in the Council Chamber area in the Losomn world. Talk to the Fae Council members and they’ll get you up to speed about what’s happened. You now have to look for the Assassin’s Dagger and for that, you’ll need to head to the Tribunal Council Room. The Tribunal Council Room is located near the Council Chamber.

Use the map above to reach the door indicated on the right-hand side of the map, marked with the light-yellow icon. Simply head back from the council chamber and take a left and then go up the stairs. Once you’re at the door follow the path until you reach a door on the right.

Go into the room, which has a set of double doors that lead out to a bigger hall. The hall as well as the path are riddled with powerful enemies, so take your time to clear them out. Once you’re in the hall, head right and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is another set of doors that leads to the Tribunal Council Room.


Council Tribunal Puzzle Solution

The Tribunal Council Room is set up exactly like the Council Chambers with three thrones. To progress further you need to open the large set of doors behind the thrones for which you need to solve the puzzle. Head down toward the foot of the throne and collect each key.

All three keys have different colors and they all correspond to one of the three Fae council members. To solve the puzzle, pan the camera down until you can see the reflection of where each key was embedded.
The reflections show the correct area where each key needs to be slotted by showing the correct color order.

Place each key back into this rightful place one by one and the door behind the three thrones opens. Head back and up the stairs and you’ll be brought to the One True King’s throne room. You will find the evidence pointing to the murderer here.

Collect the Evidence

To collect the evidence, approach the throne. On the left side of the throne are two ledges, climb them and then jump straight ahead to the window sill directly in front of you. You will also find the Assassins Seal here. This is a ring that grants the wearer increased stealth by reducing enemy detection by 25%.

Look back from the window and move a few feet to your left until you see a ledge directly in front of you. Jump onto the ledge to get on the top of the throne. Here you will find the Assassins Dagger lodged into the back of the king.

Pick up the dagger as this is the vital piece of evidence for the murder plot.

Who is the Guilty Council Member in Remnant 2?

Once you’re back at the Council Chamber pull up your inventory and inspect the dagger. Use the analog stick or your mouse to rotate it until you can see the symbol on the bottom of the hilt. Memorize the symbol as it indicates which one of the three Fae is the perpetrator.

Talk to the Fae Council once more and tell them you’re ready to name the guilty individual. Select the answer that corresponds to the symbol you saw on the hilt. Once you do, the quest concludes after the perpetrator is executed.

The answer depends solely on what symbol you see at the bottom of the dagger. The symbol will be different for everyone and in each reroll.

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