Remnant 2 Cancer Boss Guide

Exploring Root Earth just became more interesting because we are going up against the first boss of the region, Cancer, in Remnant 2.

The sense of accomplishment after a hard boss fights just hits differently. This is exactly the feeling that brings you back to playing the game over and over again. Defeating Cancer in Remnant 2 will surely give you the much-needed rush of dopamine.

Every world in Remnant 2 usually only has a single world boss except for Root Earth. You will find three of them in total here. Cancer is the first one you will come across and it is safe to say that, it is a toned-down version of the final boss – Annihilation, you are later going to face.

If you are looking for simpler, easier, and quick methods to defeat Cancer then you are at the right place. We have got all the right tips for you that will help you taste victory.

Where to find Cancer in Remnant 2

It is time for your first big battle as you step into the final region. Cancer in Remnant 2 is the first world boss you are going to go up against in Root Earth. The boss can be found in Ashen Wasteland.

Since it is a story boss, you don’t have any prerequisite requirements you need to fulfill. Once you reach Root Earth, follow the story and you will go up against Cancer at some point.

How to defeat Cancer in Remnant 2

Fighting Cancer in Remnant 2 is all about making sure you do not step on spikes. Since this is the final region of the game, you should not expect anything less than lethal. With that said, defeating Cancer is surely tricky but with the right mindset and careful planning, you will do just fine.


Melee weapons are not going to serve you well so if you are planning to take them to the fight, then it is best to change you are mind. The fight is fast-paced and you are not going to have much of a chance to get up close and personal. A long to medium-range weapon will be the right choice for this fight.

You will need a gun with a high rate of fire to clear out the area, which we will get to in a minute. You should carefully think about the Mods and the Mutators you are running with your build. For the most part, damage should be your main focus but if you want health regen, then you can go for it as well.

Fill up on ammo and Relics because this might be a long fight.

Cancer weakness

Once you have your arsenal locked and loaded, you should also pay attention to where you should target when you are going up against an enemy of this caliber. Cancer in Remnant 2 is tough one but you can crack it.

You will notice that there is a red glow coming out of the back of its body. That is Cancer’s weak spot. Everywhere else on the body, a hit will deal standard damage but on its back, a single hit will deal four times the amount of normal damage. Make sure you get behind it and unleash all the ammo you have.

Attacks and Counters

Your fight against Cancer is going to be a long one and will consist of three phases. Each phase is not radically different from each other. There will be no cut scene in between. It will just be the moves and their intensity that will vary with each passing phase.

Phase 1

Phase one will start with a cut scene. Cancer will appear in front of you. As soon as the fight starts, he is going to lock you as its target. Smash the ground with its hands and you will notice that the red underground glow is coming at you with Cancer as its origin.

It is going to follow you and as soon as it reaches you, jump left or right because not even a second after, roots are going to emerge from the ground and they are going to deal tons of damage.

These roots are not going back down any time soon. They will break down if you shoot them or hit them with a melee attack. This is where your high rate of fire secondary is going to come in. You can clear the whole arena with it.

The next attack is going to either be lunges, slashes, or smashes, in any order and in rapid succession. The best way to deal with them is to simply just roll backward before the hands touch you. Single dodge isn’t going to do you any good. You will have to dodge and roll multiple times.

Another one of the attacks is when instead of hands, Cancer is going to slam his head on the ground and creates an AoE with roots in a much larger circular area. There are only two spots where you won’t get hit. Either you have to stand inches away from its back or you need to stand outside of the large circular area of attack.

Phase 2

Remnant 2 is a well-thought game as is evident from the Cancer boss fight. You will see the intricacy of the moves that change with each phase. The second phase of the boss battle is going to start when you drop the health down to 75%.

Now the second phase will have many of the same moves from phase one along with a new move. Now Cancer will jump high up in the air and land with a blow. This will generate a red force field that will travel outwards in a circular shape.

Remember the red underground glow that followed you and spawned root? If it wasn’t already annoying, it is getting an upgrade. Instead of a single trail, multiple is going to follow you from different directions. The tip of the trail will spawn not a small root but a giant spiky tree. You are not getting rid of it with a single blow. You will need a lot more than that.

The trick is once again the same. Keep an eye out for the glow and simple dodge left of right the moment you see the trail has reached you. Not before, not after.

When Cancer does the attack where he smashes his head on the ground, that is your best opportunity to shoot because that is the only time he is going to be static. You can deal tons of damage during that time. Make sure you are out of the AoE first.

Phase 3

Deplete the health a little bit more. Down to 50% and you will initiate the third and final phase of the battle. Cancer is now going into glitch mode. The attacks are going to be faster, more swift, and even more lethal.

One of the most annoying parts of this phase is that the glitch also works as a feint attack. You will think that it is attacking but it will glitch at the last moment and the attack will come out from another direction. This is something you can only watch out for and learn after taking a couple of hits.

Rest remains the same, but only faster. You will need to step it up otherwise you are just going to die. Your primary focus should be dealing damage but from a safe distance. It is fast so the gap might close quickly. Always keep your eyes open and watch your steps!

How to cheese Cancer in Remnant 2

There is a way by which you can defeat Cancer in Remnant 2 with minimal effort and if you are good enough, even without taking a single hit. As soon as the fight starts, get behind Cancer. No matter what happens, stay very close to its back and keep following it like a shadow.

If you stay really close to its back and keep shooting, none of the AoE attacks will reach you and it can’t hit you as well. Just keep moving as it moves, keep shooting and you will take it down without even taking a single hit.

Rewards for defeating Cancer

You did all the hard work, remained steadfast, took some hits, and now it is time to take the rewards. Remnant 2 does not slack when it comes to rewarding the players after they take down a boss, especially a world boss like Cancer. You will receive the following rewards for taking it down:

  • Necrocyte Strand
  • Lumenite Crystal x4
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap

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